The most annoying, overused and abused words of the year


Timothy Egan makes a good case HERE for getting rid of certain words, including this one:

GLUTEN-FREE It’s a public service to warn the less than 1 percent of the population who suffer from celiac disease that bakery products might contain something that could make them sick. But putting this label on things that have no connection is a cynical corporate play for clueless consumers who buy something simply because they think it’s healthy. Red Bull boasts of being gluten-free. So is paint thinner.



  1. And with that, the NY Times has officially went off the deep end. So let me get this straight? They actually believe their own B.S. that a couple hundred youtube watching Muslims are to blame for all this? Really?

    For the past 15 months the liberals have been trying to dodge, cover up, dismay, dismiss, and generally put aside any talk about the Benghazi disaster and follow up scandal. All to no avail. And yet, the NY Times felt it necessary to spend who knows how much money, time, and resources, trying to investigate this “non-story.” That, my friends, is Hypocrite with a capital “H.”

    Besides, why it happened probably isn’t as important as how it happened. And the truth is that epic incompetence and a total lack of planning and leadership on part of the former Secretary of State is the real story here. Liberals have yet to address why we had an American ambassador and 3 diplomats were housed in arguably one of the most hostile places on earth with almost zero protection.

    • Neftali, I don’t claim to know exactly what was behind the Benghazi uprising but like you, I don’t buy the NYT’s official story.

      I remember when this administration tried to claim some preacher in Florida’s bbq’ing of the Muslim holy book was behind an uprising in Afghanistan, when the truth was that localized uprising was because some American soldiers sport killed a young innocent farmer Afghan boy and then cut off his finger as a trophy.

      From what I remember about this Benghazi incident and the administrations blaming of that video, this time they were able to get some news stories published claiming the uprisings happened in other ME states too. Only thing is those supposed other associated uprisings were only broadcast on the USA MSM. The usual stereotype videos of ME men running around shaking their fist and screaming was used as the example of other areas being affected by the video in question. As though all ME men run around all day in some fit of rage as their natural everyday disposition.

      Our media has become nothing but a lapdog for the political system. It no longer serves as an unbiased evaluator but as the official propaganda service for our government that is owned by the MIC, and the corporations that fund the elections of the whores in DC who stump for them. In other times the form of government our nations leadership had morphed into was called fascism. We are there now and in the most Orwellian of terms.

  2. Robert and Neftali: This post has nothing to do with Benghazi.

  3. Steverino

    The most overused and abused word is Benghazi by the GOP scandalnista.

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