Rand Paul invokes work of economist, but the guy says Rand Paul is wrong


This is pretty funny:

There’s a scene in “Annie Hall” in which Woody Allen starts lecturing some loudmouth in a movie-theater line about how little he knows about Marshall McLuhan. When the guy protests, Allen brings the actual McLuhan over. “You know nothing of my work,” the scholar says.
In politics, these McLuhan Moments pop up from time to time. When Mitt Romney cited Jared Diamond as support for his views on international affairs, for example, Diamond responded soon after, explaining that Romney had no idea what he’s talking about.
This week, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) had a McLuhan Moment of his own. The Republican senator continues to argue that extending federal unemployment benefits to jobless Americans would be bad for those already struggling, and cited economist Rand Ghayad to bolster his claim.
Ghayad didn’t literally say, “You know nothing of my work,” but he came awfully close.
There’s more about this HERE.




  1. Rand Paul was wrong about something? Imagine that!

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