Fox News and others of its ilk don’t talk about Chicago murders anymore


On several occasions over the past year or so (most recently HERE), I’ve posted data debunking the myth that Chicago is America’s murder capital — or even close to any such status.

And now, as we see HERE, the demagogues on Fox News Channel suddenly have become silent on the issue of homicides in the Windy City:

Someone alert Bill O’Reilly, Matt Drudge, Michelle Malkin and the rest of the right-wing media team that spent last year alternately belittling and hysterically hyping Chicago crime: their argument just fell apart.

Conservatives, led by O’Reilly, Drudge, and Malkin, callously used Chicago crime to attack President Obama and push back against his support for stronger gun laws. Pointing out that Obama’s hometown is Chicago and his former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, is the city’s mayor, they frequently highlighted the fact that the city struggled with well-publicized gang shootings despite some of the tightest laws in the country. The right tagged Chicago as a gun control test case and deemed it a miserable failure… 

O’Reilly has alternately compared Chicago’s murder rate to “many Holocausts,” and “Afghanistan.” The Drudge Report linked to 134 “CHICAGOLAND” crime headlines last year, all meant to convey the image of a lawless city on the verge of bloody collapse. And Malkin let loose with her usual invective, denouncing Chicago as one of many Democratic-run “hellholes”; urban centers teeming with “juvenile delinquency, organized crime, ruinous government dependency, corruption and out-of-control spending.”


But suddenly the Chicago taunts have gone quiet. Suddenly the claims that strict gun laws are useless and that Democratic mayors oversee killings zones have disappeared. No more “CHICAGO LAND” links or cries of “Holocaust,” and Malkin has for now stopped referring to Chicago as “America’s Bloody City.”

Why? Because even world-class misinformers like those would have a tough time making a case against “Obama’s Chicago,” given the fact that the murder rate there last year fell to its lowest level since Lyndon Johnson was president while the booming metropolis welcomed a record number  of 46 million tourists last year.

That’s right, despite the endless right-wing attacks on Chicago and the permanent conservative depiction of the Second City as a hell hole, Chicago last year experienced the fewest murders since 1965; 413 in 2013. (Context: Chicago at its worst tallied 943 murders in 1992.) The city’s overall crime rate in last year fell to a level not seen since 1972, and every one of the Chicago’s 22 police districts registered a decrease in crime last year.

“The drop is legitimately stunning,” noted The Atlantic’s Philip Bump.

Chicago’s rapidly falling murder and crime rate stands as part of a larger pattern with major urban centers such as New York, Los Angeles, Philadephia and Detroit all posting sharp reductions last year. It’s a trend that completely undercuts right-wing spin about urban crime under Obama, as well as the alleged futility of gun laws…

In Chicago, the police have been focusing on seizing illegal guns, confiscating more than 6,500 last year. The fact that getting guns off the streets in Chicago has helped decrease murders also frightens pro-gun ideologues. “Conservative critics,” of course, insist gun law efforts don’t effect the crime rate.

For years, Obama’s critics have wanted to use Chicago as the centerpiece for a debate about guns and crime in America. With its crime and murder rate down dramatically, do O’Reilly, Drudge and Malkin still want to have that debate?

Their silence suggests the answer is no. 



  1. Hank hill

    Why is this commentator so angry?? He should be happy to see the murder rate drop. He, instead seems to be upset because he’s not received opposition from”the right”. Which means he can’t continue to go on a rant. In any event, it’s ironic that a Federal Judge found another piece of Chicago’s firearm ban unconstitutional. That’s because all of the anti-gun bans and an arrogantly hostile administration towards legal firearm ownership, only effect the law abiding. Its a good thing that the murder rate is decreasing, but is not correlated with an increase in anti-gun laws as gang members are the number one offenders of such laws. I’d say more attributable to good efficient policing and judges actually administering stronger sentences to gun offenders. And when the suicide rate is removed from ” acts of violence” that number is sure to skew the results.

  2. Brandon

    I’m confused exactly how this article can relate the gun laws to the drop in Chicago’s crime rate. No new gun laws were passed in Chicago. In fact, they had one of their signature gun laws ruled unconstitutional. (Handgun Ban)

    Yet, the crime rate drops.

    The only thing this proves is that there is no direct correlation between gun laws and the crime rate.

    I have a hunch you WOULD find a correlation between the crime rate and police activity/overtime though.

  3. Robert

    I wonder how many of the 30 people shot in Chicago this 4th of July weekend think the murder rate has gone down in their community? Any bets the overwhelming majority of these recent shootings involved Black victims, if not all?

    Why is it so difficult for people to talk about the outrageous disparity there is in who is getting killed and what neighborhoods are being destroyed because of the violence and high murder rates, compared to the percentage of population the racial make up of these victims represent?

    Why aren’t the Black Lives Matter people out in droves at the ongoing extreme murder rates and violence within the Black community? Why does it only make the sensational category of the news cycle only when a White cop or White person kills a Black person or group of Blacks as happened in Charleston?

    Why does Pat avoid providing an opinion on this very destructive trend that is destroying the safety and livability of whole neighborhoods and the surrounding communities? This phenomenon in the Black neighborhoods is distinctly owned by the Black communities. No where in the USA composite of neighborhoods are the murder rates so racially made up of a particular group than the ongoing murder rates within the Black neighborhoods, but somehow its not permissible to make this tragedy a main news event comparable to the hourly, daily, weekly coverage we see when a White cop or White racist is involved in an event where a Black person(s) is murdered. Somehow, the White angle is played up as though the cops are out of control or some person like Mr. Roof are just the top of the heep and all cops and all White people are suspect?



  4. Robert

    We need more stories like this one and actions like this by actual residents of these troubled neighborhoods. Change must come from within.


  5. Wilson

    Well I doubt a left wing loon like you watches Faux news, so do you have first hand knowledge of their reporting? Typically, your source is the left-wing Media Matters and their lying crew.

    Well shootings have risen in Chicago, so I guess the folks on the receiving end are getting lucky or getting better medical care thanks to the ACA.

    More typical BS from Mr. Pat.


  6. Wilson

    “Baltimore, New Orleans and St. Louis have also seen the number of murders jump 33% or more in 2015. Meanwhile, Chicago, the nation’s third largest city, has seen the homicide toll climb by 19% and the number of shooting incidents increase in the city by 21% during the first half of the year.”


  7. Robert

    Sure would be interesting to see some actual data on whose behind all this increase in crime stats instead of the sanitized version, that is unless its a police man/woman or crazy White dude(s)… then we get lots of statistical data.


  8. Robert

    Where’s the national media headlines on the HuffPo and other liberal outlets on this story? White mother in Chicago attacked by mob of Black youth who said she didn’t belong in their neighborhood and used racial epitaph’s. Where’s the liberal media on this story?

    “A Chicago mother claims a group of black youths attacked her car with her two children inside and hurled racial epithets at her because she was white – but the incident has not been classified as a hate crime.” “The alleged attack ended as abruptly as it began when a passing police car pulled up to the scene, sending the teens fleeing.”

    Really? Not a hate crime? If this situation was the opposite and a White mob of youth attacked a Black mother and her children, how many days would that be headline news and be called a hate crime not to mention a racists act? Huh?


  9. Robert

    At least Spike thinks the high murder and violence rates in the Black communities of Chicago is something to make a movie about. The MSM sure doesn’t think its worthy of much news coverage though. The high Black on Black murder rates hardly gets any air time on the MSM, unless it’s a cop or some White person who shoots a Black person, then they’re all over it.

    With so much talk about reparations these days coming from the Black activist, you’d think there’d be an incentive to stay alive to collect if/when it ever happens. I guess the MSM feels if they don’t give the high murder rates much coverage, they’ll keep on murdering each other and it won’t cost as much when/if the reparations actually happen. Why else would the MSM avoid this distressing fact of life in the hood?


  10. Robert

    Today’s march against the out of control violence in Rockford, gives me hope that enough people care to make a difference, and that more people will become interested in defending the livability and safety of Rockford’s neighborhoods, as these events become the face of what Rockford can become instead of the criminals that take up so much of the headline news.


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