Once again, Limbaugh is proven wrong — not that it will matter to his gullible listeners


Radio blabber Rush Limbaugh, political guru to angry geezers across the land, said this the other day:

We are having a record-breaking cold snap in many parts of the country. And right on schedule the media have to come up with a way to make it sound like it’s completely unprecedented. Because they’ve got to find a way to attach this to the global warming agenda, and they have. It’s called the ‘polar vortex.’ The dreaded polar vortex.

Do you know what the polar vortex is? Have you ever heard of it? Well, they just created it for this week.

See, normally the polar vortex stays up there in the polar region, but something is causing it to dip down like it’s never happened before. We’ve never had arctic air blasts before. And remember, now, the key to all this is you have to understand one of the fundamental concepts of man-made global warming is ice melting at the poles.

One of the ways they have always sought to convince you that the world is warming is not the climate where you live, but rather where you aren’t, where you can’t see what is really happening. So they tell you the ice is melting at the North Pole and the South Pole. And then they publish pictures, which are fraudulent pictures, of poor little polar bears stranded on three square feet of ice that you are told used to be the North Pole.

… Well, obviously there is no melting of ice going on at the North Pole. If they’re gonna tell us the polar vortex is responsible for this cold, that means record cold is also happening in the North Pole, which means there isn’t any ice melting.

Let’s itemize a few of the ways in which Limbaugh has been shown to be wrong about all of this:

1. The term “polar vortex” is nothing new. It wasn’t coined in just the past week. The image above shows that it goes back more than 50 years.

2. A polar vortex here in the United States does not mean that “record cold also is happening at the North Pole” and does not mean that “there isn’t any ice melting.” The North Pole is not experiencing record cold.

3. The truth is that Arctic sea ice is near a record low for this time of year.

There is more about all of this HERE and HERE.


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