Obamaphobes at Fox News see timing of Christie scandal as verrrry suspicious


I suppose THIS was inevitable:

Poor Sean Hannity! Just when he was ready to settle into using Bob Gates’ new book to relentlessly smear President Obama and Hillary Clinton, along came Gov. Chris Christie’s Bridgegate scandal and stole the limelight! So what else could he do but call on his Fox News colleagues Eric Bolling and Kimberly Guilfoyle to accuse the media of doing Obama’s and Clinton’s bidding for them.

Before he called on Bolling and Guilfoyle, Hannity spent more than 9 minutes arguing that the Christie scandal pales in comparison to all that dirt he was so looking forward to throwing at Obama and Clinton. As if Hannity would not have gleefully seized on Bridgegate in a New Jersey Minute had Obama or Clinton been involved.

But since it involved a Republican – and one with a decent chance of winning the White House in 2016 – Hannity sneered that Christie’s scandal is merely about “traffic jams on a bridge.”

“It seems just a bit ironic that this comes just days after a much more serious accusation, in this case involving President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton surfaced about their own admissions of playing politics (about the surge in Iraq).” Hannity said. He asked his guests, “Do you think that this is a distraction in any way?”

Shocker! They did!

Guilfoyle – who seems willing to say anything she thinks will get her props – said, “It’s really conspicuous timing… And it’s also no surprise the way the media has chosen to handle the two very differently in terms of their newsworthiness.” Although Guilfoyle acknowledged that the Christie scandal is newsworthy, she announced that it pales in comparison to Gates.  Later, she said, “The mainstream media… just likes to cover up when it’s liberals and when it’s conservatives, blow it up.”

Bolling added, “I can’t believe that (the Gates story) lasted one day and that we’re distracted by four-hour delays at the bridge that not many people care about other than the left-wing media – to take a shot at Republicans.”

All three of these purported media truthers conveniently forgot that the Christie scandal has been simmering for weeks.

But more importantly, if the Christie story really is some liberal media conspiracy designed to overshadow the “real” news about Gates, Obama and Clinton, why didn’t Fox just run with it and continue downplaying  Christie?

I think we all know the answer: Because questions about the mob-like/Nixonian tactics of top-level aides to a popular governor and potential president are a lot more compelling to viewers than what a former Secretary of Defense says President Obama and Hillary Clinton said about a George W. Bush tactic seven years ago in a war we no longer a part of.



  1. Judith Squires

    Faux News, just like Chris Christie, has no credibility. It is amusing to see them have a conniption fit over Bridgegate.

  2. I doubt Cristi ordered his subordinates to close the bridge lanes, but I also doubt he didn’t know about it after the fact, as those kinds of games usually get bragged about just as they did in the email. If its in an email, you know it was discussed verbally within the office. And usually most managers/governors/et al, get wind of things either directly or in his case, through his Chief of Staff. It happens that way in every office. Cristi is smart enough to not put anything in emails that could backfire.

    When I was a manager in corporate America, there was one person in particular who told me everything that was going on. I thought of him as the company snitch. There’s one in every office.

    What they did to that mayor is kind of in a way like what the Bush Administration did to the QWEST CEO who wouldn’t agree to letting the NSA tap their system. His company lost out on govt contracts after that and then he was brought up on securities fraud because he sold some stock when he knew the contracts wouldn’t come through as anticipated. What Cristi’s staff did happens all the time, its just usually doesn’t appear as blatant as the emails suggest.

    It’s nasty out there. (ps – so far on my 4th attempt to get this posted. its hard to read the recaptcha)


  3. Looks like there’s a good case being built against Cristi. I’ve lost all respect for the guy.

    “Two months later, the day Mr. Fulop, a Democrat, relayed word that he could not endorse the governor, a Republican, the meetings were all suddenly off. Documents show that Mr. Christie’s commissioners themselves called to cancel — most within the space of an hour — leaving Jersey City needing to fill its budget without money from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, its requests for help with Hurricane Sandy recovery, transportation and other issues falling on deaf ears.”

    “Meanwhile, the Democratic mayor of Harrison, who endorsed Mr. Christie, got $250 million in Port Authority money for a new transit station. The mayor of Union City, another Democratic endorser, got an increase in state aid when bigger cities were being cut off, and $3 million in Port Authority money even though the authority does not operate there.”

    If this all checks out, Cristi belongs in prison.

    This isn’t the kind of man we need to elect to the highest office of the land. He sounds extremely vindictive. If republicans from the ground up support this man, then the whole party is corrupt.

    Is this the kind of man we will want with access to the NSA data bases of collected information on all of us? Like I’ve said, we may not always have the kind of government we have now, with all of its faults, it could be much worse. We could elect someone with an agenda to wipe out all opposition. If past world leaders could get otherwise good people to do what they did to people like the Jews, who says some futureleader we elect couldn’t become the same kind of dictator.

    Cristi is already exhibiting abuse of power. I don’t want to give him another chance with the full force of a submissive US govt behind him.


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