White racist Kentuckian denounces government, though it keeps him alive

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With help from Beth Reinhold of the National Journal, Mark Karlin of Buzzflash expounds HERE on the problem of poor white Appalachian voters being lured into racial class warfare:

To understand Kentucky’s conflicted relationship with the federal government, 50 years after hosting President Johnson’s launch of the “War on Poverty,” is to meet Terry Rupe. The 63-year-old widower can’t remember the last time he voted for a Democrat, and he’s got nothing nice to say about President Obama. He’s also never had health insurance, although he started working at age 9. Since his wife’s death four years ago, he’s been taking care of their 40-year-old, severely disabled daughter full time. She gets Medicaid and Medicare assistance.

“I don’t have any use for the federal government,” Rupe said, even though his household’s $13,000 yearly income comes exclusively from Washington. “It’s a bunch of liars, crooks, and thieves, and they’ve never done anything for me. I’m not ungrateful, but I don’t have much faith in this health care law. Do I think it’s going to work? No. Do I think it’s going to bankrupt the country? Yes.”

Rupe sounds like he could be standing on a soapbox at a tea-party rally, but he happens to be sitting in a back room at the Family Health Centers’ largest clinic in Louisville—signing up for Medicaid. Rupe, who is white, insists that illegal immigrants from Mexico and Africa get more government assistance than he does. (Illegal immigrants do not, in fact, qualify for Medicaid or coverage under the Affordable Care Act.)

….”President Obama’s idea is taking from the working people to give to the people who won’t take care of themselves. It’s redistribution of wealth,” Rupe said. “I’ve always taken care of myself. You got these young girls who go out and get pregnant and then they get $1,500 a month for having a kid, so they have two.”


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  1. Shawn Robinson

    I think the term that should be used rather than hypocrisy is cognitive dissonance. Really, I think this guy believes himself to be a worker who takes care of his family and is then paid by the government to do so. Soneone else is always the freeloader and the moocher. I’ve heard older people taking government assistance saying they are getting back what they’ve put in.

    The welfare queen the article mentions as mythical was a real person. People have had fun blaming the actions of one person on an entire group or presenting her case as the norm.


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