Here’s a scorecard that should embarass global-warming deniers (but probably doesn’t)


James L. Powell, executive director of the National Physical Science Consortium and an appointee to the National Science Board under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush,  has an interesting avocation:

He keeps track of peer-reviewed articles about climate change published in scientific journals.

Powell’s latest such study unavoidably makes a mockery of global-warming denialism, as we see HERE:

I have brought my previous study up-to-date by reviewing peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals over the period from Nov. 12, 2012 through December 31, 2013. I found 2,258 articles, written by a total of 9,136 authors. Only one article, by a single author in the Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences, rejected man-made global warming…

My previous study, of the peer-reviewed literature from 1991 through Nov. 12, 2012, found 13,950 articles on “global warming” or “global climate change.” Of those, I judged that only 24 explicitly rejected the theory of man-made global warming.


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