Poll: Viewers of Obama’s State of the Union address overwhelmingly approve


Good news HERE for President Obama:

CNN’s instant polling among Americans who watched Tuesday’s State of the Union found an overwhelming majority reacting positively to President Barack Obama’s address, as it has four times previously during his presidency.

The network’s poll found that 76 percent of Americans viewed the speech somewhat or very positively, in line with reactions to his previous speeches, although the percentage with “very positive” views declined. Last year, 77 percent of watchers reported a positive view of the speech to CNN, and slightly higher numbers approved of Obama’s speeches in three previous years. (The network didn’t conduct a post-State of the Union poll in 2012.)

As in the past, Obama faced a relatively Democratic television audience, with backers more likely than detractors to tune in. Tuesday night’s poll sample also “skews Democratic,” according to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, “because when there’s a Democratic president, more Democrats tend to watch.” According to CNN, 41 percent of respondents to Tuesday night’s survey identified as Democrats, 22 percent as Republicans and 37 percent independents.


Another measure showed improvement before and after the speech, with the pattern again largely comparable to previous addresses. The percentage who agreed that the president’s policies will “move the country in the right direction” increased from 52 percent among speech watchers in a pre-speech survey to 69 percent just after. The 17 percentage point gain compares to similar gains for Obama of 6 points in 2013, and gains of 16 points to 18 points following the speeches in 2009, 2010 and 2011.




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