Regarding Boehner’s warning that Obama’s executive orders will hit a brick wall


For the past few years, the Republican noise machine has been spewing tons of nonsense about the executive orders issued by Obama — both in terms of the number of them and their constitutionality.

Obama actually has issued fewer executive orders than many of his  predecessors, including the sainted Ronald Reagan. Moreover the tradition of executive orders began with the first of our presidents, George Washington — a fact that belies the notion that such orders invariably are at odds with the Constitution.

But Republicans seem to figure that their dishonest rhetoric on the matter will rile the low-information voters on whom they depend for support.

Just yesterday, House Speaker John Boehner issued a public warning to Obama that he will “run into a brick wall” by using his executive power and bypassing Congress, as the White House has signaled the President intends to do.

Ed Kilgore DEBUNKS Boehner’s bluster:

Somebody needs to explain to Boehner that executive orders typically flow from laws authorizing the president to issue them. He can fight that in court if he wants, but there’s not some plenary constitutional ban on executive orders.

As for the “brick wall,” it should be fairly obvious that the inertia produced by divided control of Congress and exceptional levels of Republican obstruction will not be Boehner’s ally when it comes to overturning executive orders. That “brick wall” has two sides, and at least so long as Democrats control the Senate, they’re not going to be participating in any crusade against Obama’s agenda.




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