Regarding the Republicans’ make-believe plan for immigration reform


The ever-snarky Charles Pierce NAILS IT:

The Republican party’s congressional delegations went on “retreat” this year in order to produce plan-like products that allegedly will address the nation’s problems. Now that the crayons all have been put away, and nap time is over, the party has produced a plan-like product with “Immigration” written in big red letters across the top of the first page, one that has absolutely no chance of passage and also will get many people in the party throwing rocks at each other.

House Republican leaders, insistent that their party embrace a message that goes beyond criticizing Mr. Obama, tried to find an agenda that would give their candidates a campaign message that did not disrupt the political progress the party has made as the president’s approval ratings have slipped. “We’re in the process of laying out the things that unify us,” said Representative Steve Scalise of Louisiana, leader of the conservative Republican Study Committee.

I can help you out there, Representative Steve. These are the things that unify your party — an undying hatred of the current president [see image above], a thoroughgoing contempt for the people who elected him (twice!), and a profound refusal to allow the national government to function as ling as the current president is in office. Anything that smacks of accomplishment as long as the current president is president is dead before it ever lives. For example, the piece of paper with “Immigration” written across the top in big red letters? It’s about having a plan, not creating a policy.


Meanwhile, Steve M. offers THIS OBSERVATION:

House Republican leaders have released an immigration reform blueprint, which isn’t going over well …with House Republicans:

The House Republican leadership’s call on Thursday to provide legal status for 11 million undocumented workers, and possible citizenship for those brought to this country as children, caused sharp division within the party….

Many Republicans rejected the one-page “standards for immigration reform” outright, and others said now was not the time for a legislative push on a number of contentious issues in an election year with trends going their way….

A closed-door discussion on immigration at the retreat was described by a House member as “very passionate,” with a “sizable bloc” opposing the leadership’s position. Members took turns expressing their distrust of President Obama and Senate Democrats as negotiating partners, and many of the Republicans said they were torn over whether to turn the principles into an actual legislative effort.

I love that last bit — “many of the Republicans said they were torn over whether to turn the principles into an actual legislative effort.” In other words, let’s make a show of support for immigration reform, but let’s not try to pass an actual law that will achieve it. Oh, and let’s say that our unwillingness to pass a law is the fault of President Obama and the rest of the evil Democrats.


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