Is Ted Cruz a Democratic mole?


Let’s look at the evidence, shall we?

Ted Cruz is a foreign-born half-Hispanic son of a Cuban native who was a member of communist revolutionary Fidel Castro’s band of rebels.

He’s a lawyer with degrees from Harvard and Princeton, neither of which are citadels of right-wing philosophy.

He was an adviser to George W. Bush in a presidential  campaign that focused in part on “compassionate conservatism.”

He’s a former state and federal bureaucrat.

He won a U.S. Senate seat from Texas in what the Washington Post called “the biggest upset of 2012.”

His fellow Senate Republicans mostly hate his guts.

He engineered last year’s government shutdown, which was widely deemed a political disaster for the Republican Party.

He spends more time attacking the likes of Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell than picking fights with Democrats, thereby ingratiating himself with the Tea Party kooks.

Most Democrats, including yours truly, would love to see him win the Republican presidential nomination in 2016.

So, I ask you: Is this guy a Democratic mole?

(I don’t seriously think he is. But his party’s far-right wing loves conspiracy theories, and I figure it would be fun to see if they fall for this one.)




  1. Just how did Cruz engineer last year’s government shutdown? Last I checked, he was part of the Senate, which has a majority of Democrats. The last House sponsored bill had 9 Democratic supporters in the House before it was passed to the Senate and defeated.

  2. I read all 3 links and they still prove absolutely nothing. You are the one believing in conspiracy theories, Pat. My opinions are my own. There is no right wing site that I use to base or formulate my views.

    As you know, the tea party in the House has at most about 40 members. There is 232 Republicans in the House. So it’s not even 20%

    Do. The. Math.

    Here is the real truth. Early in the back in forth process last September Republicans tried to pass a CR while delaying the entire ObamaCare law. This is like the 40th time Republicans tried to repeal it. It was a stupid and pointless gesture. Naturally, the Senate rejected it.

    Hours before the shutdown the House wised up and decided to fully fund ObamaCare with the except of the individual mandate and to cancel subsidies for lawmakers. This is a good bill. An honest bill. 9 Democrats even voted for that bill. Here’s the proof.


    So Ted Cruz has control over those 9 Democrats? You’re crazy.

    The Senate Democrats refused a reasonable compromise and shutdown the government.

    And today, we have a one year delay in employer mandates, and and it’s looking like a fair number of individuals are ignoring the mandates. In other words, today we are essentially running the government according to the terms of the House Republican passed bill. The shutdown could have easily have been avoided if Senate Democrats would have compromised.

  3. Lizard_king_il

    John Boehner himself admitted the Republicans shutdown the government on the Tonight Show. In fact, he regretted that it ever happened.

    • Lizard_king_il –

      True, Boehner did say that. Here is that video of John Boehner on the tonight show last month.

      Leno – “This government shutdown, most people blame the Republicans for that, would you?”

      Boehner – “Yup.”

      Leno – “You agree with that?”

      Boehner – “Yup.”


      So clearly he thought the idea of trying to repeal the entire Obamacare law was a bad idea. But that still doesn’t mean Senate Democrats could not have compromised by allowing the individual mandate to be delayed a year, which is essentially what happened anyway.

  4. Steverino

    Nef your defense of Cruz is akin to my dog ate my homework.

    • shut up steverino. You are the poster child for parroting left wing memes. You couldn’t come up with an original thought on your own if had to. I’m wouldn’t be surprised if someone on the left tells you what to eat for breakfast.

      • Neftali, steverino is enviable for his ability to present his opinion in a very succinct, to the point, manner. Most of us take paragraphs to capture what he can do in one or two sentences. His brevity is to be admired.

    • Besides, I’m not defending Ted Cruz. If you google my comments history you’ll find I never liked him.

      As I’ve repeatedly said over the past 2 years, trying to repeal the PPACA has always been a stupid strategy. I’ve ALWAYS been in favor of trying to remove the stuff that doesn’t make sense.

      And the final House proposal (which has NOTHING to do with Cruz), which funded ObamaCare entirely but stripped out the individual mandate was a good bill.

  5. Steverino

    If you must know Nef I had the leftist special, hemp pancakes with organic blueberries.

  6. Shawn Robinson

    No GMOs I bet — another science issue soon to be partisanized.
    I read the term “deep cover liberal” or RationalWiki.


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