When your anti-Obama rhetoric offends even Rand Paul, you’ve gone way too far


To his credit, Sen. Rand Paul, a potential contender for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, has roundly condemned the words with which a prominent gun-rights activist has disparaged President Obama.

Unfortunately, certain other GOP politicians have only reluctantly disowned the rhetoric at issue,

The story is HERE:

Seeing an opportunity to distinguish himself from potential 2016 rivals and/or behave like a decent human being, on Thursday evening Senator Rand Paul tweeted that Ted Nugent should apologize for the “offensive” remarks he made about President Obama. Declaring that you’re not cool with people calling the president a “subhuman mongrel and “chimpanzee” shouldn’t really count as a bold move, but other Republicans couldn’t bring themselves to offer such a strong defense of President Obama.

No one was surprised to hear such comments from the man who once told the president to “suck on my machine gun,” but Nugent’s recent remarks to Guns.com are getting more attention than usual since he’s been campaigning for Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, a Republican running to replace Governor Rick Perry when he steps down this year.

When asked about the controversy on Thursday morning, Perry told the Dallas Morning News, “That’s Ted Nugent … That’s just Ted. Anybody that’s offended – sorry, but that’s just Ted,” adding, “I don’t take offense, no. If we would spend a whole lot more time talking about how to create jobs instead of trying to pick apart people’s descriptions of somebody, we’d probably get a lot further along in life.”

Apparently Perry rethought his position before appearing on CNN later in the day. “That’s pretty tough words,” Perry said. “I wouldn’t have used those words.” After Wolf Blitzer unsuccessfully tried to badger him into admitting the remark was “disgusting,” the governor added, “I got a problem calling the president a mongrel. … I do have a problem with that. That is an inappropriate thing to say.”

In another interview that aired on CNN this morning, Senator Ted Cruz told Dana Bash he finds it “a little curious to be questioning political folks about rock stars.” When pushed, he said that he doesn’t agree with Nugent’s sentiments, but added, “I will note, there’s a reason Ted Nugent, people listen to him, which is that he has been fighting passionately for Second Amendment rights.”

As for the man in question, Nugent has been feuding with CNN all week over its coverage of the incident, and yesterday he canceled an appearance on Erin Burnett OutFront, claiming to be sick.



  1. Stop the presses! Someone said something bad about the President! This cannot be tolerated! We must interview every single member of the opposing party to get their thoughts on this outrage!

    (never mind the fact that the last 43 Presidents all have had equally bad things said about them)

  2. Stop the presses! Neftali’s head is stuck up his butt again!

    Ted Nugent, campaigning for a Republican candidate for governor of Texas, says the president of the United States is “a subhuman mongrel,” and Neftali dismisses it as typical political rhetoric.

    Neftali further avers that “equally bad things” were said about each and every previous president. Perhaps so, but were they said by campaign surrogates for major-party candidates?

    Or is this just one of the days when Neftali waxes wingnutty?

    • Oh please, major party leaders, Senators, and Representatives have said worse things about each other and Pat knows it. Heck, 90% of Hollywood can be called a “campaign surrogate” for the Democratic party. We could crash the applesauce servers pointing out all the nasty things they said about President Bush.

      Don’t pay attention to the “hurt feelings” media. It’s just sensationalistic trash reserved for those who follow the National Enquirer or TMZ.


  3. Steverino

    In the US Nugent is free to speak and free to crap in his pants.

  4. Neftali: Show me one example of where a major-party politician (or a campaign surrogate of a major-party politician) has publicly called the president of the United States “a subhuman mongrel.”

    You’ve really gone off the deep end of late.

    • Newt Gingrich NAILS IT:


      “GINGRICH: No. But I always love selective media outrage. As the party of Hollywood, the Democrats have lots of donors and supporters who say truly stupid things. Truly outrageous things. But let’s go right to the heart of the Democratic party. The Saturday before the 2000 election, Al Gore went to a black church and charged that George W. Bush would appoint judges to return blacks to be counted as three-fifths of a person. In 2012 Vice President Biden went to a black audience and said if the Republicans win within 100 days, they will put you back in chains. Now why isn’t there some accountability for tremendously outrageous, vicious, and racist statements by Democratic elected officials, not just entertainers? And I just think there’s a double standard here. What Ted Nugent said was stupid. I don’t support it. He’s a big supporter of the Second Amendment, which I am. But in this case, it’s not a smart thing to do. But I do think the level of selective outrage, particularly on the entertainment left, where they often day after day say much more vicious things about Republicans, it’s just kind of funny to watch.”

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