Poll: Most Americans oppose repeal of Obamacare


To hear Republicans tell it, the American populace is ready to overthrow the government if the Affordable Care Act is not struck from federal lawbooks.

But, of course, as is so often the case, the Republicans are just plain wrong about this matter.

HERE‘s the truth of the situation:

Obamacare is a disaster for Democrats, and a certain winner for Republicans. That’s what we keep hearing, anyway.

So why does it look as if the percentage of Americans who favor repeal may have actually shrunk since its rollout problems began?

That’s what the February tracking poll for the Kaiser Family Foundation suggests. To be sure, the new poll finds that opinion of the law is more negative than positive: 47 percent of Americans view the law unfavorably, while 35 percent view it favorably (though opinions have improved a bit since October).

But unfavorable views have not translated into support for the GOP position of repeal; indeed the repeal position may have lost ground since the October rollout problems, while a clear majority favors keeping and improving the law.

The poll shows that 48 percent want to keep and improve the law, and another eight percent want to keep it as is — for a total of 56 percent who want to keep it. (50 percent of independents want to keep and fix.)

Meanwhile, 19 percent want to repeal the law and not replace it, while 12 percent want to repeal and replace with a GOP alternative — totaling 31 percent.

Back in October Kaiser found that 37 percent want repeal/replace or just repeal, versus 47 percent who want to keep/expand it. There was a temporary spike for repeal in December, at the height of the problems; now it appears to be back down to below where it was.


There’s been a lot of chatter about the ever-imminent GOP alternative lately, but there are reasons this alternative hasn’t been forthcoming. Jonathan Chait explains that there is no alternative solution that would be acceptable to conservatives while also remaining politically defensible to the broader electorate. And Jonathan Cohn explains that Republicans won’t embrace any alternative solution because it would require making tradeoffs like the ones in Obamacare — which Republicans aren’t prepared to do.



  1. Ryan Karl

    I don’t know where you get your polling from but a new CBS poll found ONLY 6% of the country like the law as is, 42% want it repealed, and 50% want it changed. Also, a new Kaiser poll found that 22% of the uninsured view the law favorably while 56% view it unfavorably. That’s a change from 51% viewing it favorably in September before the law went into affect.

    There will likely be just under 1 Million “sign-ups” in March bumping the total amount of people adding Obamacare plans to their exchange shopping cart up to 5 Million. Since insurers have estimated 20-25% of those people have not and will not pay,thus cancelling their insurance, the total will be 3.75 – 4 Million sign-ups with 25% being under the age of 35. There is no way in hell this will work with just over half of the original goal of 7 million sign-ups, still being under the revised 6 Million sign-ups, and way under the goal of having 40% of the pool being under the age of 35.

    There is no spinning that.

  2. Ryan Karl

    Don’t be scared to post my comment listing other polls! Its been over 30 minutes and it wasn’t too long of a post!

  3. Ryan Karl: Don’t be so impatient! The fact that I went out to run a few errands should not be misinterpreted as being “scared.”I don’t sit around here 24 hours a day eagerly awaiting comments from you or anybody else.

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