The reasons why some people are opposed to Obamacare might surprise you


If I had a dime for every public-opinion poll on the subject of the Afforable Care Act, I would never have to worry about paying my health-care expenses.

Ah, but not all polls on this issue are the same — even if you take for granted that none of them is rigged or intentionally skewed.

Greg Sargent explains HERE how one poll digs for answers that most other polls don’t — and comes up with surprising numbers:

CNN polls on Obamacare take the added step of asking why people disapprove of the law. Result: CNN polls offer a more nuanced view of public opinion on health care than some others do.

Today’s CNN poll finds that 39 percent of Americans favor Obamacare, while 57 percent oppose it. That’s awful, right? But it turns out only 39 percent oppose the law because it’s “too liberal,” while 12 percent say it “isn’t liberal enough.” That’s a total of 51 percent who favor the law or don’t think it goes far enough.

And if you peek into the internals, it turns out that Republicans and conservatives are the only groups who oppose Obamacare as too liberal. A breakdown:

* 67 percent of Republicans, and 60 percent of conservatives, say the law is too liberal. By contrast…

* Among moderates, only 38 percent say it’s too liberal, while 43 percent favor it and another 9 percent say it’s not liberal enough — a total of 52 percent. Breakdown: 38 say it’s too liberal; 52 percent favor it or say it’s not liberal enough.

* Among independents, only 43 percent say it’s too liberal, while 30 percent favor it and another 14 percent say it’s not liberal enough — a total of 44 percent. Breakdown: 43-44.

* Older people are said to fear or dislike Obamacare, but among people who are 50 and up, only 39 percent say it’s too liberal, while 39 percent favor it and another 11 percent say it’s not liberal enough — a total of 50 percent. Breakdown: 39-50.

* Whites are said to lean Republican, but among them, 46 percent say Obamacare is too liberal, while 34 percent favor it and another12 percent say it’s not liberal enough — a total of 46. Breakdown: 46-46.

This may help explain why repeal remains unpopular. This is admittedly speculative, but it seems plausible that those who say the law isn’t liberal enough are saying they want the health system reformed but are not convinced, for a variety of reasons, among them the daily barrage of negative attacks on the law, that Obamacare will get the job done.

In other words, there’s real generalized disapproval of the law here, and no one is saying this isn’t problematic for Dems, but these probably aren’t folks who don’t want reform at all or want to go back to the old system.



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