Obama announces tough new economic sanctions on Russia


The pseudo-macho Republican windbags who argue that President Obama is “weak” will likely dismiss his latest sanctions against Russia. But, of course, that’s what they have to say. Their lords and masters on the radical right insist upon it.

Max Fisher of The Washington Post makes more sense with this tweet: “Today Obama became 10,000 times more hawkish on Russia than Bush ever was.”

The National Journal has the gist of the story HERE:

President Obama took new steps Thursday to intensify the economic isolation of Russia following its “illegal” annexation of Crimea, which could have a “significant impact on the Russian economy,” the president said.

Speaking from the White House on Thursday, Obama said the U.S. will move “to impose sanctions not just on individuals but on key sectors of the Russian economy.” Senior White House officials say the sanctions will apply to 20 senior members of the Russian government and other “cronies.” They will also apply to St. Petersburg-based Rossiya Bank, which will be “frozen out of the dollar,” making it difficult for the institution to operate internationally.

The sanctions will target Russia’s financial services, energy, mining, and engineering sectors, officials said Thursday.


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