Why do so many Obamaphobes think most Americans agree with them?


On several occasions recently, I’ve seen a graphic on Facebook that reads as follows:


We the people?

How presumptuous!

In reality, Obama is held in far higher regard by “we the people” than is the Republican Party. The latest figures from a website that has tracked 794 polls conducted by 67 pollsters shows that 45.3 percent of respondents currently view Obama favorably (HERE), while only 30.1 percent view the Republican Party favorably (HERE).

This notion among certain Obamaphobes that most people agree with them is a curious phenomenon, but it’s not limited to the wackier elements of the political right.

In the days just prior to the 2012 presidential election, more than a few presumably reputable conservative pundits predicted that Republican challenger Mitt Romney would unseat Obama, perhaps even by a landslide. (See HERE.)

These people didn’t have the polls on their side. Rather, they seemed only to have drawn inferences from chums (or chumps, as it were) who disdained Obama as much as they did.

Why is it that Obamaphobes are blind to so many realities?

In 2008, many of them figured that America was not ready for a black president. Instead, Obama won in an electoral landslide. And then his pathological foes were sure he would be a one-termer. Instead, he became the first president since Dwight Eisenhower to win two elections with more than than 51 percent of the popular vote.

Under Obama, budget deficits have declined, stock prices have doubled and corporate profits have hit an all-time high — but the right-wing noise machine insists that Obama is a socialist. What kind of socialism produces such capitalistic results?

And, of course, none of the horror stories envisioned by the really crazy Obamaphobes — FEMA concentration camps, seizure of all privately-held firearms, imposition of Sharia law, etc., etc. — have happened. Nor will they.

And neither has any evidence emerged that confirms the crazy notions that Obama is a foreign-born Muslim bent on destroying America. But millions of paranoid Obamaphobes still believe this nonsense — mainly because so many of the people they know also believe it.

In the final analysis, then, Obamaphobia seems to be a contagious mental disorder that makes its victims  believe that most other people agree with them on political matters.