World’s leading climate scientists preparing report on “stark” choice facing humanity


Aside from the ordinary yin and yang of American politics, the one issue that has preoccupied my blogging over the past six years is the threat posed to the world by global warming.

I’m prompted in this  regard by the near-unanimity among climate scientists on the the theory that the problem is here and now and essentially is man-made. I’m also influenced by the overall weakness, if not deliberate dishonesty, of arguments advanced in opposition to the scientific consensus.

HERE‘s the latest from the climate-change front:

The world’s leading climate scientists gathered in Japan on Tuesday to begin hashing out the final details of a “grim” climate report, which both leaked drafts and those familiar with its contents say will call on policy makers to take immediate action or face a climate future that will otherwise be marked by widespread ecological and human catastrophe.

Of those harsh challenges, the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report—according to a draft version leaked earlier this year — will show that the four degrees Celsius rise that we are currently careening towards will undoubtedly cause increasing natural disasters, including: more violent storms, forest fires, devastating droughts, flooding, widespread hunger, disease, and a rise in ocean levels by up to a meter.

However, as Kaisa Kosonen explains on the Greenpeace blog Tuesday, the difference in their latest report from previous work by the IPCC and other similar warnings from the global scientific community is its emphasis on the stark “choice” now before humanity.


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