Have you heard about these welfare handouts?


Nicholas Kristof  NAILS IT:

In the debate about poverty, critics argue that government assistance saps initiative and is unaffordable. After exploring the issue, I must concede that the critics have a point. Here are five public welfare programs that are wasteful and turning us into a nation of “takers.”

First, welfare subsidies for private planes.

Second, welfare subsidies for yachts.

Third, welfare subsidies for hedge funds and private equity.

Fourth, welfare subsidies for America’s biggest banks....

Fifth, large welfare subsidies for American corporations from cities, counties and states.





  1. Steverino

    Thurston and Lovey never had it so good.

  2. If you want to reform welfare, the place to start is at the top with those that can afford it the easiest, rather than the bottom with those that it hurts the most.

  3. What we need is comprehensive, real tax code reform.

    The tax code should be simple and easy to understand.

    Because the tax code is generated by Congress, all of whom are politicians and many of whom are lawyers, none of this will actually happen.

  4. Right on. Of course this will never be done because those are the people who buy our elected “representatives.” Stop corporate welfare. Stop corporate contributions.

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