One of Nate Silver’s contributing writers is peddling dubious opinions on climate change


Celebrated political numbers-cruncher Nate Silver’s new website is off to a rocky start. Criticisms have come even from Silver’s long-time fans, including me.

And now there are complaints that one of Silver’s hires, Roger Pielke (above), is advancing arguments on climate change that are not supported by science.

HERE‘s what John P. Abraham, Ph.D, has to say:

The central theme to Pielke’s post is that extreme weather costs are increasing but not because of climate change. They are increasing because we are wealthier; we have more to lose. He also writes that increasing storms are not occurring and the extreme weather which is attributable to climate change is not a significant cause of damage. Unfortunately, Roger Pielke’s views are at odds with many peer-reviewed studies that look at this, and they are at odds with some of the studies he cites in his article.



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