Wisconsin governor doubles-down on voter-suppression


Last week, I told you HERE about Republican State Senator Dale Schultz of Wisconsin denouncing his party’s repugnant campaign of voter-suppression.

And now we have THIS:

Three years ago, Republican policymakers in Wisconsin, for no apparent reason, decided it was a little too easy for state residents to vote. With control of the legislature and the governor’s office, GOP officials cut early voting statewide
Yesterday, Gov. Scott Walker (R) helped finish the job, curtailing early voting even further, privately signing new restrictions into law….
To clarify, state Republican lawmakers eliminated weekend voting, eliminated early voting at night, and mandated that communities limit early voting to 45 hours a week. Walker signed the first two provisions into law, while scrapping the third…
The question that remains unanswered, meanwhile, is how in the world Wisconsin Republicans can defend these new voting restrictions. By all appearances, Walker yesterday agreed to help solve a problem that doesn’t exist.


  1. Steverino

    What a louse!

  2. Actually, Walker used his veto pen to loosen the restrictions passed by the Republican in the legislature.

    And it is hardly voter supression to level the playing field for early voting across the state.

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