Right-wingers predictably refuse to believe Obamacare enrollment numbers


What do the Affordable Care Act and global-warming have in common?

Right-wing zealots have knee-jerk negative reactions to both, no matter the evidence refuting their claims. (In some cases, of course, you can add evolutionary theory to that equation.)

Regarding the situation with the Obamacare, Jonathan Cohn has the story HERE:

Americans are signing up for the Affordable Care Act. And they appear to be doing so in really big numbers. As of the latest official update, last week, more than 6 million people had selected a private insurance plan through one of Obamacare’s new state marketplaces. But that was before a weekend of huge traffic to healthcare.gov and state-run websites, record call volume to telephone help centers, and queues outside outreach offices… 

Even accounting for the fact that some of these people won’t actually pay their premiums, these figures would seem to undermine—or at least weaken—the argument that Obamacare is a catastrophic failure. Republicans and many of their allies obviously think otherwise. They are doing what they almost always do when data confounds their previously held beliefs.



  1. How many people were projected to have been enrolled by this point?

    How many people had their previous plan (that they liked) cancelled?

  2. Give it up, doc. Obamacare is now a fact of life, and there’s not a damn thing you and your right-wing friends can do about it. Your pathetic opposition to the Affordable Care Act will share the same footnote in history to which opposition to Social Security and Medicare have long been consigned. All you and your crowd are left with are your phony IRS and Benghazi scandals.

  3. expdoc

    Yet you answered neither of my perfectly legitimate questions.

    To call me pathetic for being opposed to this version of reform that directly impacts my area of expertise absolutely proves you to be pathetic.

    But we already knew that.

    Here is another question that you won’t answer.

    What does the first A in ACA stand for?


    The CEO of the Cleveland Clinic says that a majority of Americans who signed up for Obamacare have seen their premiums rise.
    “About three-quarters of them find that their premiums are higher than they had been previously with other insurance,” Toby Cosgrove told Fox News.

  4. Robert

    Doc, I personally haven’t met anybody who signed up for Obamacare that is paying more. All I know are getting better coverage and at a better rate than they paid prior to the ACA.

  5. expdoc


    I suspect the CEO of the Cleveland Clinic might be sampling a broader group than you and your friends. Here is more data analysis.


    All of the analyses I’ve discussed thus far involve changes in the underlying cost of health insurance for people who buy it for themselves. Many progressives object to this comparison, because it doesn’t take into account the impact of Obamacare’s subsidies on the net cost of insurance for low-income Americans.

    I’ve long argued that it’s irresponsible to ignore the change in underlying premiums, because subsidies only protect some people. Middle-class Americans face the double-whammy of higher insurance premiums, and higher taxes to pay for other people’s subsidies. However, it is important to understand how subsidies will impact the decisions by Americans as to whether or not to participate in the exchanges.

    If you click on the “Your Decision” tab on our interactive map, you will now find the results, as assembled by Yevgeniy, for the 13 states plus D.C. in our original database. Here’s the bottom line: most people with average incomes will pay more under Obamacare for individually-purchased insurance than they did before.

    • Robert

      Apparently, everyone I know lives on the wrong side of the tracks. At least in terms of making them being eligible for good rates from the ACA. This is a time when being white trash pays off.

  6. expdoc

    I wouldn’t say the wrong side of the tracks. As we discussed before, you will be one of the families or groups that will benefit.

    The question is, how will the majority of your fellow citizens fare?

  7. wilson

    What is the track record of those reporting the numbers? The numbers must be correct, there was no reason for them to fudge the numbers.
    I remember something about the lie of the year.

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