Wars generally are stupid, but World War I was especially so


During his visit to Europe last week, President Obama made a stop at a cemetery in Belgium where he paid homage to those who died in World War I a century ago.

The president hailed the sacrifices of the many thousands who showed a “willingness to fight, and die, for the freedom that we enjoy as their heirs.”

A fitting tribute, right?

Not so, SAYS Matthew Rothschild:

[T]his was not a war for freedom. It was a triumph of nationalism, pitting one nation’s vanity against another. It was a war between empires for the spoils.

Historian Allen Ruff, who is studying the causes and effects of World War I, was not impressed with Obama’s speech. “With Both NATO and the European Union headquartered in Brussels,” Ruff says, “it would have been a true homage to the dead buried in Belgium a hundred years ago if Obama spoke out against all major power imperial ambition, the true cause of so much slaughter then and since, rather than mouthing some trite euphemisms about the honor of dying for ‘freedom.’ ”

But Obama insisted on repeating the very propaganda that fed that war.




  1. Mr. Baseball

    I couldn’t agree more. The most patriotic thing any president, government official or citizen can do is to make sure we are not put in a position where we have to go to war.
    If you really want to support our troops, let’s not put them in harm’s way.

    • Robert

      But what about all the money that can be made? Doesn’t that have to be considered? How can a good capitalist society let the opportunity to profit and I mean make big profit for all those military industrial based corporations, be squandered? And let’s not forget, we can’t help it that our nations riches are on the property of another nation we covet. We went to war in Iraq and other nations with a VP leading the battle cry that was the CEO of a company that would profit big from those aggressions. And nobody says a peep in the MSM or on the right. They just legitimize it.

      And on a different but just as cynical note, how can it be a surprise to anyone on Capitol Hill that the CIA and their surrogates were employing torture? All the phony outrage, well, is just plain phony. We are so lied to and all in the name of the freedom (to spy on people/nations through the NSA), mom and apple pie and the preservation thereof.

      But you know what, the American people will just shove this errant expression of American values (values I might add brought the death penalty to others for such use in previous wars) under the rug and go back to checking for their latest email or tweet or FB posting, because that’s more important and what the USA is really all about.

      PS – Patrick C, I’m surprised you posted this story because you normally never post anything critical of Obama.

  2. When Germany went through Belgian to invade France at the beginning of WW1 there were instances of horrific crimes committed against the citizens of Belgian, a country desperately trying to maintain neutrality. As a result many sacrificed their lives to free themselves from German oppression so Obama wasn’t too far off the mark.

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