Ted Cruz is beating Rand Paul in the Tea Party movement’s great dunce-off


Sociologist Theda Skocpol once described the Tea Party crowd thusly:

They are overwhelmingly older, white, conservative-minded men and women who fear that “their country” is about to be lost to mass immigration and new extensions of taxpayer-funded social programs (like the Affordable Care Act) for low- and moderate-income working-aged people, many of whom are black or brown.

Skocpol could have added that the Tea Party folks also overlap with the Religious Right.

That overlap, it’s argued HERE, is why Ted Cruz is outflanking Rand Paul among Tea Party people:

[T]he only real friends Paul has in the GOP are the measly 7 percent of young, white maleswho call themselves libertarians.

Cruz might not be able to get a GOP majority to vote for him when it comes down to it. But he’s bellied up to the Tea Party and pulled up the three-legged stool of traditional conservatism to make his appeal. Paul is teetering on a pogo stick.


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