This guy predicts that Chief Justice Roberts will be impeached — by history


The I-word — impeachment — is thrown around with reckless abandon these days, especially by right-wing types who have been bent on politically, if not literally, lynching Barack Obama from the day he moved into the White House.

But historical impeachment, as opposed to the technical kind that falls within the jurisdiction of the U.S. House of Representatives, is another matter. It happens all the time. History is a hard-nosed  judge. It can even posthumously condemn a chief justice of the United States. Roger Taney of Dred Scott fame comes to mind.

Our current chief justice, John Roberts, is perhaps not as bad as Taney, but neither is he one of my favorite jurists. In fact, I think he’s awful.

But my opinion of Roberts is almost kind compared to what Brent Budowsky SAYS about him:

Roberts and his four conservative Republican brethren will ultimately be impeached by historians who will condemn, and future courts that will reverse, politically illegitimate and constitutionally deformed rulings that would turn America into a constitutional oligarchy.

No court should rule that America can be purchased as property by those with the money to buy it, as black slaves were once purchased by white masters, with judicial sanction from an earlier Supreme Court that was ultimately discredited and condemned.

The founders never intended the democracy of our entire nation to be held hostage by five men who are contemptuous of legal precedent, separation of powers, the cardinal value of one person, one vote, and the timeless truth that all men and women are created equal.


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