Is ABC News moving to the political right?


Several times over the past few years, I’ve had cause to notice that Jonathan Karl, chief White House correspondent for ABC News, often has a rightward tilt in his reporting.

And there have been other indications, some of them only subtle, that ABC is increasingly leaning to the conservative side of the political spectrum.

But now this drift seems to have become more pronounced, especially in light of the network’s recent hiring of a out-and-out right-wing opinionist.

THIS GUY is pretty upset about it:

ABC News recently hired Laura Ingraham [above] to be a regular contributor to their prestigious Sunday morning political talk show, “This Week With George Stephanopoulos.” Why on earth would anyone hire Ingraham, a second-rate right-wing bomb-thrower whose shtick is well past its sell-by date? You could ask ABC News, but they’d presumably answer with boilerplate press release-ese about how they seek out a “diversity of viewpoints” and welcome her “provocative” take on world events…

[B]ut Ingraham’s not the only sorry character ABC has picked up recently.

Last October, “This Week” hired Bill Kristol, the bumbling neoconservative scion, who is famous for his disastrous predictions and his even more disastrous lobbying for war.

In addition to being morally culpable for the meaningless violent deaths of hundreds of thousands, Kristol is also a terrible pundit. He is not just terrible at predictions, he is also dull. He was too lazy a writer and thinker for the New York Times…leading them to decline to renew is contract after one year as a columnist. (He moved, naturally, to the Washington Post.) Only a Sunday show producer (or Washington Post opinion page editor) could imagine that Bill Kristol’s take on the issues of the day would be useful or enlightening or even entertaining to anyone…

Perhaps ABC News is repositioning itself as more conservative…NBC’s “Meet the Press” is struggling. It’s easy to imagine a television professional thinking that NBC’s problem is that viewers think it is too liberal, and that therefore the best way to beat it is to become more conservative.




  1. Great news! She’s swell!

  2. Roger Anderson

    I noticed the same thing which is why I ended up here. Jonathan Kyle belongs on faux news.

  3. Maybe they’re preparing to gain favor in a probable republican controlled senate and house as well as presidency come 2016? Or play a role in ensuring the fore-mentioned becomes a reality.

    I think democrats should be prepared for that outcome because the dem hierarchy sure doesn’t have the players to compete with Rove and other surrogates in place, to ensure republican domination. Nor does the dem hierarchy seem the least bit interested in pursuing such a team.

    The dems sold out the left back in the Clinton era and Obama is just another DLC democrat who was brought from out of nowhere in 2004 to ensure the same continued in his role for 2008/2012. They all got theirs and a very sweet future as a lobbyists when they leave office, even if they don’t call themselves by that category.

    This country is going to swing more right in terms of corporate friendly politicians and judicial decisions, not left. A few more rightwing judges on the supreme court and abortion and gay marriage gains can and will most likely be wiped away, just like chalk on a board.

    • Neftali

      Robert – Even an all-right wing Supreme Court would not remove gay marriage gains. The conservative position has generally been leave it up to the states to decide. And slowly, the states have legalized it. Remember, the majority of people now favor gay marriage, include the majority of young Republicans. Only the religious right, and bitter old folks are still against it. The debate is essentially over. Just a matter of time before every state legalizes it.

      Abortion is a bit trickier, but again, even Scalia thought that it, too, should be a states issue. The only hope pro-life people have is to pass state laws which restrict abortions after a certain time, or restrict access to abortion clinics in general through arcane health codes. Their success in that has been mixed. For example recently a federal judge has overturned the most severe anti-choice law in America – a North Dakota law banning abortions as early as six weeks into pregnancy U.S. District Judge Daniel Hovland on ruled that the law is “invalid and unconstitutional.”

      Republicans are slowly becoming aware to the realities of their situation. As Pat LOVES to point out, Republicans have lost the popular vote in 5 of the past 6 elections. That’s why Republicans in states like Nevada have wisely begun to remove social issues in their charter to recruit more people.


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