Study shows that U.S. economy does better under Democratic presidents

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Don’t share THIS with your Republican friends. It will only confuse them:

For the past half-century, the US economy has consistently grown faster under Democratic presidents than under Republican ones. And in a new study, two economists ask whether there’s a reason for that — or if it’s all just a coincidence.

The numbers are pretty clear on this. Between 1947 and 2012, the US economy grew at an average real annual rate of 4.35 percent during Democratic administrations and just 2.54 percent during Republican ones.

The gap persists even if you give presidents less credit for the period immediately after taking office or if you remove the outlier years at the high and low end (like the financial crisis at the end of George W. Bush’s second term) or if you fiddle with the dating of recessions. And the difference is statistically significant.





  1. Neftali

    Anyone who has a lick of common sense knows that Congress has much more of an effect on the economy than the President. And if you look at the performance of the economy by who runs Congress, you will find it does much better under Republican rule.

    But don’t share that with your liberal friends. It will only confuse them.

    • Shawn Robinson

      I hear a few of my Republican friends say that all the successes of the Clinton years should be credited to the Republican congress. But using that logic, any success financially in the Reagan and Bush I years should be credited to the Democratic congress led by Tip O’Neill, Jim Wright and Tom Foley and senate majorities led by Robert Byrd, George Mitchell and Tom Daschle.
      That argument really begins to fall flat if you have to credit another political party (heavens!) with some success.

      • Neftali

        Au Contraire, Shawn. I’ll happily give credit where credit is due. However, the 97th Congress, which started in 1981, finally had a Senate controlled by Republicans. This is after the Senate was plagued by Democrats being in charge and mucking things up for decades. With the GOP controlling the Senate and the White House, crazy liberal economics was finally halted and the economy recovered.

        During Bush 41 and Clinton’s first term, the economy was largely stagnant with Democrats returning to power and controlling Congress. It wasn’t until Republicans took over Congress in 1995 did the economy start to skyrocket.

        Contrast that to Bush years. Unemployment was low during Bush 43’s first 6 years. Then the Democrats took over Congress in 2006, and the economy tanked.

        Fast forward to Obama’s first two years. Of course, the economy being in the tank was not his fault, but his policies did nothing to make it better. It wasn’t until Republicans took over the House in 2011 that the economy started to improve.


  2. Steverino

    Interesting study especially #3 under six factors that don’t seem to have an impact.

  3. Perhaps it is because Democrats always have to clean up after republicans trash the economy.

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