Rauner’s campaign backs away from threat to shut down state government


Bruce Rauner, the Republican candidate for governor of Illinois, is a political rookie — and his inexperience as a candidate sometimes is painfully obvious.

Take, for example, THIS  SITUATION:

Critics are pouncing on remarks Bruce Rauner, the Republican nominee for governor in Illinois, made to supporters earlier this year that a government shutdown was an option to help the state deal with its financial troubles.

Video of his comments picked up steam on Monday as the Illinois Federation of Teachers, which recently threw its support behind Democratic incumbent Gov. Pat Quinn, circulated the clip, posted to the union’s YouTube page, of Rauner addressing the Tazewell County Republican Party at its Lincoln Day dinner in March…

“We sort of have to do a do-over and shut things down for a little while, that’s what we’re going to do,” Rauner said…

In response to the outcry, Rauner’s campaign said their candidate “has put forth a detailed plan for reviving Illinois, and shutting down state government is not among those plans.”



  1. Neftali

    He should have stuck behind his words. Shutting down the Illinois State government would be a blessing. It’s not like anyone working for government is going to vote for him anyway.

    Better yet, make an announcement to fire every single public sector employee on the first Friday of his term, then offer to rehire everyone the following Monday minus their pension plan. That’s about the only way we’ll ever achieve fiscal sanity from the decades of corruption of previous administrations.

    • Janie Wilson-Cook

      Right. Punishing state employees for having pensions from which the legislators stole the money? I pay dearly into my pension every two weeks. It’s not me with whom you have a problem. Don’t steal my pension. As it is I can’t retire until I am 69.

      • Neftali

        “Pay dearly?” Oh, please. Unless you contribute over 15% of your pay towards your pension, you are not “paying dearly.”

        I contribute 6.2% toward Social Security, 13% towards my 401K, and 2% towards my Roth IRA, and my combined retirement benefits STILL don’t match your pension.

        In order to meet the 100% contribution rates, the legislature would have had to drastically cut spending or raise taxes years ago in order to keep up with pension costs. With Democrats in charge we know spending cuts will never happen, and they don’t have the guts to propose the mammoth tax increases truly needed to balance the budget.

        An equitable solution would simply be freeze the pensions. Meaning you would still get what you earned up to this point, but they won’t accumulate any value going forward. Then convert over to 401K and Social security like the rest of society.

        A better solution would be to file suit that ALL pension contracts entered into by ANY political entity that took contributions from public employee union are VOIDABLE because there never was a valid contract. When both sides of the table are owned by the same people, there is no contract. Breach of fiduciary duty, unconscionable terms, and impossibility of performance are all valid issues that go right to the heart of the “contract” defense.

  2. Steverino

    Mitt 2.0 cut everything and expand tax breaks for the billionaires so Nef can sleep at night.

    • You crack me up. I love your short, to the point, ambush style, comments.

    • Neftali

      As usual, you have absolutely no clue to what you are talking about, which is why Robert enjoys being your lap dog.

      Lesson for you, Steverino. We have a flat income tax in Illinois. Rauner simply proposes an eventual return to our original 3 percent tax rate. Further, he is proposing a variety of sales tax increases to help truly balance the budget, instead of the usual Democratic method of just not paying bills and somehow calling that “balanced.”

      Besides, almost anything is better than what Quinn, Madigan, and the public union thugs have to offer. Illinois has the absolute worst credit rating in the country thanks to liberal economics.

      • Dearest Neftali, I’m with you. Something has got to be done with this expanding government payrolls and outrageous retirement payouts.

        In all honesty what is needed is a whole reset of the monetary and pay grade systems. Kind of like a reverse split. Maybe a 20 to 1 ratio. On top of that, a re-evaluation of pay grades and associated compensation rates based on the added value a persons skill level adds to an organization and re-assessment of benefit levels.

        So if a DMV employee was making $20 an hour, the new salary would be $1 an hour, but then adjusted for the actual skill level necessary for that particular job, which could make it go up or down from there. That reverse split would also happen to the value of every bank and brokerage account, both foreign and domestic holders for those institutions residing within in the USA as well as housing values. Basically, everything measured in value by the dollar would be adjusted accordingly.

        That would make our wages compete with other countries that have more competitive compensation rates.

        This belief that people should get annual raises just because, without really increasing the depth and breadth of their skills is what got us into the problem we’re in. People should be compensated for measurable increases in job skill and knowledge, not because they’ve been there for one year to the next. If a person wants to increase their pay, they should have to increase their contribution to the knowledge base of the company in a measurable way.

        When I worked as a set up person at a hardware mfr (in Rockford) about 100 years ago, once I mastered my skill of loading work stations with raw product and then reloading the completed product onto a pallet, was about all I needed to know to complete my job. In today’s economic model I’d receive a raise each year for not really increasing my knowledge, thus causing the increasing wage scales that eventually caused the American workforce to be compensated more than they were bringing in, in terms of final product value.

        The traditional merit based pay system needs to re-evaluated because all it does is increase the cost of goods and services but doesn’t really add value to the end product.

        In other words, we need a new way to evaluate performance not only at the worker level but at the company level. Right now a company, especially if its traded on Wall Street, must exceed its past quarter’s performance or the stock price is reduced in value. How long can accelerated performance continue before the company reaches parity with the desirability of its products and either they come up with new lines of business or they parish. The same should be required for employees. You either grow your skill base measurably or your income level stays the same.

        Unions caused salaries to be increased but didn’t really cause the value of that employee’s contribution to increase accordingly. Because non-union shops/offices had to compete with union wages, wage levels became out of control across the greater spectrum of business models, and caused the wage levels of China and other developing nations to be more attractive for labor and and manufacturing cost, thus it was the unions that caused the destruction of the American jobs and associated factories.

        So, what I’m saying is I agree with you. Unions caused the disappearance of America’s manufacturing base and now they’re destroying what’s left of the jobs in America.

        Will this put me on a hit list? Should I get ready to meet Jimmy Hoffa?

  3. Steverino

    Gee Nef how about Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan that he pulled out of a pizza box. Anything to maintain inequality among taxable incomes.

    • Neftali

      First, the 9-9-9 plan came from Sim City, a popular 90s SNES game.

      Second, your whole sentence of “inequality among taxable incomes” is exactly what is wrong with liberals. You want to punish people for being successful. The more you earn, the higher percentage of your wealth is stolen by the government. If anything is “inequal” it is that kind of backwards rationale.

      A flat tax really is “equal.” It doesn’t matter who you are, you are taxed at the same rate. The harder you work, the more of your own money you can keep.

  4. Steverino

    I like the simplicity of a flat tax but for Illinois it will not generate the revenue to repair the deficit and bolster our future economic needs. Minnesota that old liberal land colony to the north has done well with a progressive tax along with smart investments in jobs and education the two key components for keeping the economic engine running strong.
    Austerity under a 3 percent flat tax will widen the inequality gap creating at best stagnation. No I’m not an economist but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express.

    • Neftali

      Aside from the bloated pensions and health care plans the Illinois public sector receives, by far the biggest problem this state has is the sheer number of local governments.

      Illinois has 6,968 local governments — approximately 2,000 more than second-place Pennsylvania. By comparison, Minnesota has nearly half, 3,672. New York has 3,453. California has 4,425.


      So without question a drastic cut in the number of local governments is required in Illinois. There is zero chance the Quinn/Madigan/Cullerton administration is going to get it done. What we need is someone with a history of slashing overhead to make organizations more efficient. Yes, someone like Mitt 2.0 That person is Bruce Rauner.

  5. Steverino

    Mittens lost big time because he sucked the life blood out of companies before sending them overseas, had no compassion for half of the population and of course did not disclose all of his tax returns. The same could be said for Rauner.

    • Neftali

      Mitt’s unmatched resume of taking bloated organizations and streamlining them to run more efficiently is exactly why he would make a great President, far better than the incompetent one we have now.

      You obviously haven’t met any Mormons. They are the nicest people imaginable, sometimes too nice for my tastes. His percent comment has nothing to do with his beliefs or perception of other people. Liberals have this annoyingly stupid habit of thinking all rich people have no compassion. Instead of admiring the rich people and strive to be like them, liberals seek to use government to ruin them.

      Finally, Romney disclosed more info about his taxes that Obama did about his college transcripts.

  6. Steverino

    And like a good and honest Mormon Mitt was called to God’s service spending his draft eligible days at the palace of Versailles.

    • Neftali

      If this country preferred war heroes over draft dodgers, Bob Dole and John McCain would be President instead of Clinton and Obama.

      So based upon that, I’m surprised you don’t like Romney. After all, his military record is more closely aligned with people on your side of the fence.

  7. Steverino

    If Romney wanted to dodge the draft he should have just gone to Canada like the rest of the common folk but his money and help from Joseph Smith gave him that wonderful opportunity for priestly works in France. Thurston Howell never had it so good

    • Neftali

      So the problem isn’t Romney dodging the draft, the only problem is Romney being rich. Good luck with your quest to remove rich people from politics, or even the Democratic party.

      Personally, I’d rather be represented in government by Thurston Howell than Gilligan.

  8. Steverino

    It wasn’t his wealth but Mitt’s inability to connect the dots as a business man and how that would improve everyone’s life. He lacked substance and resorted to attacking Obama for health care which he implemented as governor and foreign affairs which he failed to understand.

    • Neftali

      My, you do so love false liberal talking points.

      1. Mitt improved the lives of far more people than he hurt. In a capitalism, everyone can’t be a winner. The real world doesn’t receive ribbons just for participating. The companies Mitt took over had 2 choices. Go bankrupt and lose everything, or let Mitt’s company try to salvage it where odds are he will succeed. Further, at least Mitt knows how to balance budgets and how to negotiate deals and get things done. What are Obama’s accomplishments as a community organizer again? Oh yeah. Nothing. Mitt was a successful businessman and Governor. He even saved the Olympics. He was highly qualified. Obama won because he’s black and convinced stupid people that rich people are to blame for the economy.

      2. There are hundreds of differences between Romneycare and Obamacare. Too many to list here. But if you would bother to do your research you would understand why Romney was correct to criticize the liberal national health care takeover.

      3. Finally, if anything it has been more than proven Mitt knows 10x more about foreign policy than our Kneeler in Chief. I remember vividly how the left mocked Romney after the foreign policy debate when he said Russia was the United State’s greatest geopolitical adversary. Liberals howled in delight as if Hillary’s Russian reset brought ultimate peace between the 2 superpowers. Today we know all too well about Obama’s incompetence. Putin has clearly held the upper hand the past 3 years. Because of Obama’s failures diplomacy has taken about 20 years backwards. Putin even recently enacted new trade restrictions against the United States which will only further hurt our economy and cost us real jobs. Way to go liberals.

  9. Steverino

    Mitt was a gold plated weathervane.

    • The republicans could run Daffy Duck as their presidential candidate and make him into their hero regardless of his past.

      Isn’t it amazing that the repubs, who are filled with hatred and ignorance, can’t see that Obama is just a carry over of GWB/Cheney’s neocon policies. They think that the president, whoever he/she is, really has any effect on the direction this country is being taken.

      The presidents job is to react to situations as they happen and then bring his side of the pulic along while he implements the orders he’s given. The neocon agenda has many string pullers. For some reason the players on the right can’t seem to figure that out. They think a president has powers he doesn’t. The presiden takes his orders from a group of people none of us ever see.

      The reason Russia is being aggresive in the Ukraine is all about oil and access to it. Of course, the American public can be influenced by cold war era dogma that implies American good, Russia bad. There’s a reason why Putin never left the picture once the Neocon agenda, The PNAC, became demonstratably observable. The USA is on a mission to remake the world into a vision of the Neocons, where the world is a capitalist utopia. The Middle East was the last frontier to make over.

      PS – the greatest threat to America is China. But as long as the MSM plays into the old cold war fears, foolish people like those righties and even many on the left, will fall for the old cold war fears of Russian based communism taking over the world. Putin’s responses in the past few years are in direct correlation to the USA aggressive foreign and energy policies.

      You’ll also notice the MSM will legitamize the re-entry into the Iraq by claiming Christian minorities are being beheaded, so we have to stop the slaughter we enabled by destabelizing that country. There’s more going on behind the scenes than we know, but you will have much of the American public be dragged along as the MSM, that is owned by the MIC. The people will just accept whatever dribble their fed as the truth… even when we’ve been lied to time after time.

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