Congress can’t solve the immigration crisis — and can’t stop Obama from trying to solve it


Ezra Klein, one of  our better political pundits, ARGUES that  “presidential overreach is party a response to congressional dysfunction”:

Just as Congress is too divided to do anything; it’s also too divided to stop the other parts of government from doing something. Congress can’t pass a law solving the immigration crisis but it also can’t pass a law stopping Obama from trying to solve it. It can’t pass a law regulating carbon emissions but it also can’t pass a law stopping the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating carbon emissions…

A point made by skeptics of Obama’s executive actions is that inaction is a congressional choice that needs to be respected. But if Congress is making a choice when it doesn’t pass a bill to do something, it’s also making a choice when it doesn’t pass a bill to stop another branch of government from doing something. Inaction cuts both ways as an expression of congressional will…

The less Congress is able to do, the more that other power centers in the government will feel they need to do. The system will survive congressional inaction, but it will survive it in part by leaping into the antidemocratic dark.




  1. John Federer

    You and I both know Pat that the Republicans could pass a bill on this subject but we both know Harry Reid in the Senate will never bring that bill up for a vote in the Senate.

    This is true for the 300 some bills passed in the House but never voted on in the Senate!

  2. Since the topic here is immigration, I’m going to embellish a little on the subject and go a little off topic. I think this interview with Gene Simmons says a lot about the immigrants that are coming to America and there lack of assimilation into the American culture. I also like how he takes on the guy doing the interview when he takes Gene’s comments and twist them into something he didn’t say.

    This is a great interview. When my Sicilian grandparents and their families came to America, they were proud to be American. They learned the language and also kept their heritage alive. There were no ESL courses for them. And as Gene says, assimilation is hard, but why should it be easy. He himself was an emigrant and speaks 5 languages. He note how learning to speak English opens doors. It’s the key to success. If you don’t want to learn English, then don’t expect many doors to open.

    PS – ever notice when an actor or a story is trying to make a character look stupid and uninformed, they use a southern accent?


  3. Federer: Can you get any dumber?

    You claim that Harry Reid has blocked Senate action on immigration reform. But that is patently untrue.

    In July of last year, the Senate passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill, but the House has declined to vote on it — mainly because John Boehner is afraid of the racist Tea Party types in his Republican caucus.

  4. Shawn Robinson

    The latest complaint about Obama is that he isn’t helping Christians in Iraq enough and us turning his back on them. Air strikes against ISIS just aren’t enough, I guess.
    However, I bet every person crossing the border in the southern US is some sort of nominal Christian, probably Catholic. I’m not for the mistreatment if anyone. But why do the wrongly persecuted Christians of Iraq correctly get sympathy from the right while the ones just south of us get called terrorists, criminals and spreaders of disease? Does fleeing religious persecution make someone more sympathetic than fleeing a drug war?

    • I had a right winger explain this phenomenon to me. I used a similar scenario about all the people being killed in Africa but America doesn’t step in, but we have to rescue the Iraqi’s from a dictator so they can know freedom. His response was the Iraqi’s look like us and are the same color.

      Really, that’s what he said.

      I also recently posted that the rescue of the persecuted Christians will become the battle cry for the USA to get involved in the latest fray in Iraq. I wonder if any politician will ever say, we made a mistake when we removed Saddam H. He kept the different Muslim factions in check ( he knew the hatred each group had for the other), protected the Christians and ensured woman were treated equally. Iraq was a very progressive state under Saddam H. He was our friend before he was our enemy.

      The reason Saddam tried to kill GHWB is because Bush set up Saddam so the first Iraq war could be justified (its good for business). Saddam was pissed off that the Saudi’s/Kuwaiti’s were slant drilling into Iraqi oil reserves, so he sought that approval of the USA to fight back. That effort became known as the first Iraq war back in the early 90s. It was just another lie the American people sucked up to, especially when that young girl got on tv and said Saddam’s soldiers were taking babies and placing them on the cold floor to die. It was a lie. That never happened. That young girl was the daughter of a Kuwaiti diplomat although she only gave her first name in her testimony. It was very compelling. She was a great actress for the cause. The USA even got some international organizations to validate this woman’s testimony. Later, after the baseless fact, it was noted it didn’t happen at all like that. Like I say, we’re lied to all the time. Both parties lie. Just remember, peace isn’t profitable. Got to keep those arms mfrs in govt contracts. Both parties suck up to the MIC.


  5. Shawn Robinson

    If I say a flood of Catholic refugees is at the border fleeing the drug wars in their countries, the discussion becomes different than if I say a flood of illegal immigrants is at the border. With the former, I imply that their Catholicism is a part of their flight while the drug war — something they can’t help — is the cause. If I say the latter, I give no reason for their flight, identify them as civic offenders and say they’re at the door.

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