Boehner’s warning to Obama on immigration issue is ridiculous on its face


In effect, House Speaker John Boehner is telling President Obama that he doesn’t favor reform of America’s immigration laws under any circumstances.

Boehner says Obama better not try any of that fancy executive-order stuff to achieve immigration reform — or else.

Does that mean Boehner is promising that he’ll push for congressional action on the matter if Obama doesn’t issue an executive order? Well, no, not necessarily.

The story is HERE.



  1. It’s fairly likely Republicans will push through their own immigration bill, it’s too big of an issue to ignore before 2016.

    The new GOP immigration reform bill won’t be as wishy-washy as the Reid Senate passed bill that sat on Boehner’s desk. That bill made some weak promises for border security in exchange for amnesty.

    The new GOP-passed bill will insist on a 50 ft steel wall across the entire Mexican boarder. And it will be patrolled by 100,000 National Guards troops, plus some of Cheney’s left-over Blackwater militia, plus the Ferguson police department, plus the guys from Duck Dynasty, plus Ted Nugent, all with orders to shoot on sight anyone getting near the border. If you do manage to get into the country there will be a 50 year waiting period before you can apply for citizenship.

    What will be interesting to watch if Reid filibusters the bill, or lets it go through Senate so it can can be vetoed by President (with all the liberal press cheering behind him.

  2. You mean that liberal press owned by major capitalistic coporations that want amnesty, because all those immigrants make for good opportunities to market and sell goods and services to? That liberal media? I didn’t know that libs were so friendly to the capitalist agenda. At least that’s not what the far right fringe believes.

    It amazes me how the far right fringe grinch type’s just can’t connect the dots.

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