Obama will negate much of the embargo against Cuba on his own

Obama Summons Congress Leaders as Budget Deadline Approaches

Congressional Republicans have been arguing of late that President Obama has precious little authority of his own on most issues of governance — immigration, for example. Most GOP lawmakers theorize that there isn’t much the president can do without explicit directions from Congress.

And now that argument likely will be put to another test with regard to changing relations between the United States and Cuba.

HERE‘s the situation:

President Obama will move as soon as next month to defang the 54-year-old American trade embargo against Cuba, administration officials said Thursday, using broad executive power to defy critics in Congress and lift restrictions on travel, commerce and financial activities.

The moves are only the beginning of what White House officials and foreign policy experts describe as a sweeping set of changes that Mr. Obama can make on his own to re-establish commercial and diplomatic ties with Cuba even in the face of angry congressional opposition.




  1. We have no business opening up relations with Cuba. It certainly won’t make a lick of difference for the average middle class worker in Cuba.

    “the Cuban government apparently had begun preparing itself by announcing new measures that would allow Cubans who work for foreign companies to keep only 8% of their salaries.”

    “In addition to the 92% of salaries being pocketed by the Cuban government, Cuban government employment offices will charge 20% of the salary of each worker they connect to the corporation for the service of finding said corporation employees. Employees will also lose 9.09% of their salaries for “vacation time.”


    So basically, Obama is just pandering the 1% of American companies and his new buddies the Cuban dictators.

    But hey, the government taking over 90% of your salary is a liberal utopia. After all, according to libs like Michael Moore, Cuba has such a great health care system! And who cares if Havana looks the same as it did in the 1950s? See how great Socialism is!

    • Breitbart.com? One of the more snarky conservative rags out there. Has any of this been verified?

  2. Neftali: Why am I not surprised that you got that crap from Breitbart? Utter nonsense.

    • Breitbart cited the official state newspaper Granma. They also referenced this article directly from the Havana Times which claims the exact same thing.


      So clearly, it’s legit.

      That’s the problem with liberals, and many conservatives for that matter. They are only willing to listen to news sources from their side of the fence. Look at my history, I’ve frequently posted articles from MSNBC and HuffingtonPost.

  3. Well, change has to begin from some agreed upon starting point. In this case it look like its 92%. Look where the American income tax was in the beginning, especially for high income earners and where it is now?

    • Point taken. But Fidel Castro, and his likely successor offspring, are no Eisenhower or JFK, both of whom started the string of income tax cuts. Again, if Obama’s plan of opening up trade goes through, he’s doing nothing but helping fill the pocket books of his Communist buddies.

      • Once the country is opened up, the CIA will come in and destabelize the population and Cuba will have their own Cuban Spring. We’ve seen how well the other middle east spring operations have worked out.

        I hope Fidel isn’t reading this. Because he might change his mind.

        Just think of the opportunities. The MIC will have yet another nation to sell weapons and crowd control products to. Life is good. It’s really all about capitalism and American exceptionalism, not the celebration of aging communist leaders. It’s all how you look at it.

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