Chamber of Commerce leaders apparently suffering from acute amnesia


Tom Donohue, president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce was downright ebulient yesterday in his assessment of the American economy at the halfway point of Barack Obama’s second term as president.

“Investing, hiring and consumer spending are firming up,” he said in his speech, and there are “millions of new jobs. . . . We’ve had a few good quarters of very solid growth, surprising some of the experts. . . . There’s no reason to think that another recession is lurking.”

All this optimism prompted Dana Milbank of the Washington Post to ask Donohue and one of his flunkies if they remember the Chamber warning a few years ago that Obama’s policies posed the threat of destroying the free-enterprise system. They had no such recollections.

Milbank helped them out with THIS:

Here’s Thomas Bell, chairman of the board of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, speaking at a Chamber event in July 2010: “For the first time in my 40 years of observation, our free-enterprise system is truly at risk.” The then-chairman further accused Washington’s leadership of a “general attack on our free-enterprise system” and said, “We’re setting ourselves up to be the next Greece.”


The point isn’t that the economy is booming because of President Obama’s policies. The recovery until now had been disappointing by any standard. But if the business lobby and conservatives in Congress aren’t going to give Obama any credit now that the recovery is underway, they might at least acknowledge that the sky didn’t fall because of his actions, and that the socialist takeover that many on the Hill warned of has not occurred. 







  1. Don Gugliuzza

    This is typical of the anti Obama sector. Doom and gloom forecasts hoping to lead people into believing the economy is going into the dumps. But, when President Obama’s efforts prove them wrong, they conveniently neglect to give him the credit he is due. It would be so refreshing to have all of you recognize the fact that you were wrong and he was right. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear something good about a president who has been more disrespected and more vilified than any president in our history. C’mon. Admit to your mistake and give him credit for knowing what his is doing. Waiting to hear your statement regarding this.

  2. You were wrong in your doom and gloom forecast of the economy. Typically, your organization will put the president and his administration in the worst possible light. However, when you’re proven to be wrong, you and your cohorts refuse to admit that you were wrong, leaving people to believe you were right and to further disrespect and vilify the president who is more right than not.

  3. Steverino

    Obama will be blamed for the Packer’s meltdown.

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