Surprise! Big Business seems none too eager to see the Supreme Court get rid of Obamacare!

The Justices of the US Supreme Court sit

The lords and masters of the right-wing noise machine might be surprised to learn — if they haven’t already noticed — that much of the business community is siding with the Obama administration or otherwise isn’t bothering to involve itself in a Supreme Court case in which the very survival of the Affordable Care Act is at stake.

As I see it, this doesn’t bode well for the Republican cause in this matter.

There’s more about all of this HERE:

We generally think of Big Business and Corporate America aligning themselves with Republicans, and for good reason; that’s usually true. But on the Affordable Care Act, which Republicans like to pretend is bad for the private sector, the usual partisan lines are blurred – the White House, insurance companies, hospitals, and even pharmaceutical companies are all telling the Supreme Court that this stupid case is genuinely dangerous, both to the American public and the American marketplace.
And that’s no small development. It’s quite easy to imagine Republicans on the Supreme Court ignoring the White House and deliberately gutting one of President Obama’s accomplishments, but it’s tougher to imagine those same justices blowing off private-sector leaders – the same corporate leaders hoping to avoid systemic chaos and shattered balance sheets.

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