What will Fox News do now with the Baltimore story? The answer seems predictable


Now that the local prosecutor is bringing criminal charges against six Baltimore police officers in connection with the alleged murder of Freddie Gray, a question arises:

Where will the racists at Fox News go with the story now?

I’ve already discerned a few hints this morning, and I think a full-blown strategy will emerge in the next few days,

The prevaricators at Fox, especially the prime-time commentators, likely will advance the notion that the cops charged in the case have been framed to placate the “thugs” who’ve been demonstrating in recent days. For example, about an hour ago,  I saw a Fox reporter goading a black guy on the street to say that there surely will be more civil disorder in Baltimore if the police defendants somehow beat the rap.

I would bet the farm that Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, et al, will belabor that theme. I also expect them to slur the reputation of Marilyn Mosby, the local prosecutor, who just happens to be black. And there will be frequent reminders that Freddie Gray had a long criminal record.

Yeah, as I say, this is all pretty predictable.

But, hey,  I might be wrong. It might turn out that Fox News will play it straight and avoid its usual race-baiting.

Sure, and we might have snowstorms in Miami in July.



  1. Steverino

    Fox will warm up their moronic viewers with a video of Obama golfing followed by slides of Hillary’s redacted double secret emails. Once these sink in they can look forward to serious journalism from the All-American patriotic panel of experts.

  2. Robert

    Where’s the Black Live Matter activists? Why aren’t they marching throughout the city disrupting traffic every weekend because of all these needless deaths and injuries? Does it not fit the narrative of the professional victim community?

    This kind of violence happens every weekend in Chicago’s south side. Michael Barry reports the murders and injuries every Monday on his radio show.


  3. “Baltimore Homicide Toll Exceeds 300”

    Because you know, Black Lives Matter….. but only when its a cop killing a Black person.

    Now let’s see. How can the Blacktavists blame this on White privilege or slavery or profiling?

    By the way, Black on Black crime is out of control across the nation, not just Baltimore. But its hardly mentioned because its not a topic that promotes the narrative of the Blacktavists of how racism is the biggest problem facing Black people today. NOT.

    Many claim they don’t feel safe on college campuses. I bet college campuses are way safer than the Black neighborhoods. But somehow that just can’t be talked about and people like myself who bring it up will be called racists even though many conservative Black pundits say the very same thing.


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