The GOP debate seemed to indicate that Fox News has an anti-Trump agenda


In several respects, the latter of Thursday’s two Republican presidential debates was more entertaining than I had anticipated.

The questions posed to the candidates generally were sharper than one would expect from Fox News personalities. And, more to the point, the questions seemed to reflect an agenda — the objective being to put the repugnant Donald Trump in his place.

This mission somewhat surprises me. I didn’t know that the suits at Fox News don’t much care for Trump. I don’t watch Fox News Channel a lot, but I had noticed that Sean Hannity likes to play patty-cake with Trump. I had assumed that this affection for The Donald pertained among the whole crowd over there. Apparently not.

Ed Kilgore’s TAKE ON THE DEBATE is especially insightful:

Fox News’ purpose in the main 10-candidate event was made plain with the first question: an in-your-face spotlight on Donald Trump’s refusal to promise not to run as an independent candidate. And the relentless pounding of Trump—on his bankruptcies, his past support for single-payer health care and abortion rights, his “specific evidence” for claiming Mexico has dispatched criminals to the U.S. (slurs about immigrants by other candidates didn’t come up) and even his sexist tweets-—continued right on through to Frank Luntz’s post-debate focus group, designed to show how much damage Trump had sustained.


From the perspective of Fox News and its GOP allies, you’d guess the ideal denouement would be Trump crashing in the polls, to be replaced in the top ten by Carly Fiorina. We’ll see how avidly and universally the conservative spin machine pursues that outcome in the days just ahead.




  1. Neftali

    Trump might see some decline in the polls, but the far right seems more determined than ever to anoint Trump their champion, perhaps at the expense of Ted Cruz.

    The Republican base is like the teenage girl who is told they can’t see their boyfriend, which only make her heart grow founder. It’s all pathetic.

    The only comfort I have is that Nate Silver gives Trump about a 2% chance of winning the nomination.


    Problem is that Trump is psycho enough to run 3rd party like Ross Perot and thus hand over the Presidency to another Clinton.

    • Remember when Perot talked about that big sucking sound? That 3rd party candidate was letting us know what was to come and he was right.

      In particular, is Rockford any better off now that companies like Amerock and other manufacturers have gone off shore for cheaper labor cost?

      I wonder if Trump will offer any insights into the future like Perot did?

  2. Steverino

    Not exactly fair and balanced. Kasich should get more attention after last evening.

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