Big-time hypocrisy: Fox News complains about Donald Trump’s sexist remarks!

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Of all the crazy political happenings this year, one of the weirdest is the unlikely stance taken by Fox News in support of — wait for it — POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

Fox News, like its counterparts in right-wing talk radio, has always dismissed sensitivity about racist and sexist remarks as just so much liberal PC. Regular viewers of Fox News — mostly old, white men — have agreed heartily.

But suddenly things have changed. Fox itself is now playing the PC card. The network wants Donald Trump to apologize for his nasty remarks about Megyn Kelly, a prime-time star on Fox News Channel.

Amanda Marcotte has more on this matter HERE:

Donald Trump has reignited his sexist harassment campaign against Megyn Kelly, and the folks at Fox News are, in seemingly coordinated fashion, striking back. Fellow Fox News hosts and pundits are asking Trump to cool it, and even Roger Ailes has released a statement calling Trump’s abuse “unacceptable” and “disturbing.” It’s almost touching, watching all these conservative media people who usually profit at peddling sexism choose, this time at least, to join together in an effort to stop this one particular instance of it…

Conservative media and Fox News in particular have spent years – decades, if you count talk radio – training their audiences to believe that exhortations against sexism and racism are nothing but the “political correctness” police trying to kill your good time. Indeed, one reason that Trump was able to get so much attention for his presidential run in the first place is that Fox has spent years building him up, knowing that their audience enjoys vicariously needling imagined liberals and feminists with his loud-mouthed insult comic act.


No one should understand this better than the people at Fox News. After all, this is the monster they created. They should know what it wants and what it’s capable of. But instead, they seem to think that if you just shake your finger at the right wing base and tell them to be nice to the lady who dared talk back to their hero, Donald Trump, they will somehow realize that they’re not actually courageous warriors holding back the forces of political correctness, but that they are instead just a bunch of jerks.




  1. Steverino

    No question about it Fox created this political monster and Henry Frankenstein would be proud. It’s moving. It’s alive, it’s alive…..

  2. Patrick, Trump is as blustery in his opinions and retorts as you are. Why is it OK for you to call what you think is BS BS, but not ok for Trump? People on both sides and throughout the middle of the political spectrum’s are tired of phony political correctness.

    Trump says what many people think even if it may be thought of as prejudice or bigoted. Everybody has those thoughts, whether they express them or hold them in. That’s why many people appreciate his candidness in the current bid for the role of POTUSA.

    Trump, Carson and Fiorina have about 51% of the votes in current polls ( as I just heard on the radio, not verified and also the same people I said Trump should include in his adminisitration). These candidates are outsiders. People are tired of the same old people and political dynasty’s. We’ve seen where they want to take us. Many are saying they don’t like it by their support of Trump.

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