Where are all the respectable Republicans I once knew?

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Perhaps this wouldn’t be such a mystery if I still got around as much as I used to. But as things are, I can’t help but wonder what the good and decent Republicans I once knew are thinking about their party in this age of Donald Trump.

I’ve been semi-retired for 10 years now, and my duties as a blogger are performed at home. Like most people my age, I lead a social life that’s far less active than when I was in the workaday world. Consequently, most of my personal acquaintanceships with professional people of the Republican persuasion have gradually faded away.

These were lawyers, business people and such who reliably hewed to the GOP line. But I’d like to think that it’s unlikely that these folks are still that way in terms of politics.  The Republican Party no longer is what it was even a few decades ago. The party of Ronald Reagan has somehow become the party of Tea Party kooks and — horror of horrors — Donald Trump.

I can’t imagine that more than a few of my old Republican friends are big fans of Hillary Clinton. That’s a bridge too far, to put it mildly. But neither can I think of these erstwhile chums as happy to see that a dangerous demagogue like Donald Trump is now their party’s standard-bearer. Are they not appalled at his naked racism? Do they not recognize that what he’s spewing is mostly nonsense? Do they not see that he’s just a narcissistic fraud?

My curiosity regarding this matter finds comfort in the chance that many of these old friends are favorably impressed by the example set by prominent lifelong Republicans who are now publicly declaring that they will not vote for a ticket headed by Trump. Some say they’ll actually force themselves to vote for Hillary. Some will opt for minor-party candidates. Some will skip the presidential race altogether. Anything or anybody but Trump.

The political calendar is such this year that the general-election campaign for president will be longer than usual. The conventions have come and gone even before the start of August, and the election itself is slated for the eighth day of November, which is as late as it could be. Things can change a lot over that stretch of time. But I’m confident that Clinton will prevail in the end. That’s also the way the betting markets see it, at least at this point.

But I still wonder about my old Republican friends. I still prefer to think that few, if any, of them are fans of Donald Trump. It would please me greatly to see some of them publicly encourage others to reject the evil that Trump represents. At this late stage of their lives, what would they have to lose? Not much, I would think. Rather, they would have plenty to gain — especially in terms of self-respect.





  1. Steverino

    All of them have been brainwashed by Fox, Limbaugh, Hannity and O’Reilly. Until they change the channels there is no hope of finding respectable Republicans.

  2. Gerald

    They sacrifice nothing and in doing so …sacrifice the Nation and our future … to a con-artist, grifter, racist, unrepentant, irrational, unstable, thin-skinned and serial lying buffoon!

    THAT is today’s Party of Lincoln!

    Mr Lincoln is spinning so fast in his grave …the friction has certainly caused a hugh fire.

    Has anybody checked for the safety of that neighborhood?

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