Trump makes Obama look truly great

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In my book, Barack Obama has been a pretty good president, especially considering the obstacles placed in his way by shameless Republicans in Congress and by right-wing kooks in the underbelly of the Internet.

But Obama is downright great when you compare him to his immediate successor, Donald John Trump.

Granted, Trump has not yet taken office, but when he finally takes the oath next week, his lack of popularity will be worse than any other newly elected president in American history. Meanwhile, Obama leaves office on a wave of pretty high poll numbers — higher, it seems, than would be the case if his successor wasn’t so lacking in charm.

Obama is a far better public speaker, as he demonstrated the other night in his Farewell Address in Chicago. Trump’s oratory, on the other hand, has appealed almost exclusively to the darker side of the American spirit. He’s become a darling of bigots and a hero to people who think a blow-hard bully has all  the solutions to the nation’s problems.

Yes, Trump succeeded to a certain extent in demonizing Hillary Clinton, but she still got nearly 3 million more votes than he got. Only the Electoral College, a regrettable relic of slavery days, saved The Donald’s candidacy.

But, as I say, the ultimate winner here in terms of his place in history is Barack Obama. To be succeeded by a graceless phony is a stroke of luck of sorts for the 44th president.  It sets a bar for Trump that seemingly far exceeds his abilities.

This doesn’t mean that I’m hoping Trump fails as president. I’m not that unpatriotic. I’m old enough to have had lots of practice admitting when I’ve been wrong. It would be fine with me to write someday that Trump has been a good leader. But that would require changes in the man that seem far beyond his ability and character.

Meanwhile, I’ll likely have to settle for the spiteful pleasure I get from the knowledge that Barack Obama, a good president, looks even better in retrospect because he was succeeded by a man who was completely out of his element.




  1. RedRover

    Trump is no prize, but he has never yet murdered anyone.

    Obama has murdered thousands over the course of the last 8 years:

    — directly through his drone-strikes in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia (and who knows where else?);

    — indirectly through the ongoing chaos that began after his violent transformation of prosperous, if autocratic, Libya into a failed state that has become a battleground between at least 3 warring parties and a staging area for millions of refugees boarding boats for Europe, thousands of whom have died during the crossing; and

    — by proxy by continuing to sell cluster bombs and other munitions to the religious fanatics in Saudi Arabia despite knowing that they are being used to kill civilians in Yemen.

    Is this what you call “truly great” and “a good president” and “the ultimate winner”?

    It disgusts me that in all of the reviews of the Obama years I have seen, there has been no presentation or discussion of his foreign policy crimes against humanity and war crimes. Do you understand now why when Trump insults the press some of us are cheering?

  2. Yes, Red Rover, I understand why some of you are cheering when Trumps insults the press. You’re as dumb as he is.

    • Patrick, your post always remind me of this scene from Seinfeld. You playing the role of Kramer.


    • RedRover

      What we have here is called an argumentum ad hominem. It is a logical fallacy in which an argument is rebutted by attacking the character, motive, or other attribute of the person making the argument, or persons associated with the argument, rather than attacking the substance of the argument itself.

      Pseudo-liberals like yourself, Pat, have given this war criminal a free ride for the last 8 years. Is that what you learned to do all those years as a journalist?

      But of course, you are not the only journalist to carefully deprive the public of the facts about the extent and horrific nature of Obama’s war crimes. No, you have plenty of company, like, for example, all of those White House correspondents who laughed as he joked about how he can kill people with impunity:

      Back in 1994, legendary journalist George Seldes, then age 103, repeated what he had written 52 years earlier about what is going on here in one of his last columns entitled: “Is the Entire Press Corrupt?”
      Is he as dumb as I am?

      It has long been clear to me that Obama has no core values other than self-aggrandizement. How about you, Pat? Are you still capable of thinking for yourself or have you joined yourself inseparably to the Church of the Holy Obama?

  3. Progressives still blame Hillary’s loss on the Electoral College because it was formed during “slavery days”. Using their reasoning the entire Constitution in invalid. And the leftists wonder why we accuse them of hating America.

    Of course, the real truth is both sides knew very well how the law works. And the real truth is that Trump didn’t win as much as Hillary lost. She was a terribly flawed candidate who ran an absolutely horrid campaign.

    All Hillary had to do is win the states she did, plus Wisconsin, Michigan, and either PA, OH, FL, or NC.

    In Wisconsin Trump won despite receiving fewer votes in 2016 than Romney in 2012, and Hillary didn’t even bother to campaign there.

    In Michigan Trump won the state despite getting 30,000 fewer votes than George W. Bush did when he lost it in 2004. Hillary didn’t even bother campaigning in Michigan until the last couple of weeks when it was arguably already too late.

    Heck, in Iowa Hillary received fewer votes than freakin’ Michael Dukakis in 1988!

    Hillary could have easily of won. Should have easily of won. It was easily hers for the taking. All she had to do is not screw it up. But she lost because of poor planning, poor execution, denial, and general incompetence. None of that has anything to do with the Electoral college.

  4. Steverino

    Despite Russian hacking, false news, third party candidates, Comey and voter suppression Hillary still ended up with 3 million more votes. Her campaign couldn’t have been too shabby.

    • The people who were not Russians hacked into Podesta’s email by guessing his password, which was “password.”

      That tells you everything you need to know about the sophistication of Hillary’s campaign.


      • It doesn’t matter that Assange has said it wasn’t the Russians. The left has morphed into the rabid right, complete with all the cold war rhetoric against Russia, pinko, commie, ????.

        Both parties heads and much of the military is angry that Hillary did win and couldn’t start a proxy war against Russia because Putin won’t acquiesce to the demands he take down Assad.

        What Putin is really standing up to is the encroaching NATO borders that the USA supports, that are getting nearer and nearer Russia’s border, with the intent of ultimately installing nuclear missiles next door to the country he presides over.

        How would the USA feel if Russia or China installed nuclear missiles in Canada and Mexico? But that angle of the situation doesn’t get msm coverage.

  5. I think the apologists for Trump in this thread are displaying their embarrassment. They’ll be doing lots of that in the coming months.

    • RedRover

      Another argumentum ad hominem, Pat? Come on, you can do better than that, can’t you? Or are you channeling Joe McCarthy in your dotage?

    • Im not sure what you’re referring to. I am embarrassed that at one time I changed my party affiliation to Democratic Party, but that only lasted a few months.

      Bikers are people too.

    • The “Liar in Chief” making a big deal of John Lewis missing Bush’s inauguration. I think Trumpy is miffed because someone could be vying for his title. And then Robert fawns over his hero like a little girl. He is NOT president yet girly. Try to understand.

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