Refuting a bit of Trump’s stirring oration



Donald Trump’s address to Congress earlier this week has been hailed by the booboisie as perhaps the finest presidential speech since Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. But, of course, it was nothing of the sort.

Sure, some of Trump’s pseudo-eloquent sermon exceeded the meager expectations. But, on the whole, the effort was vastly overrated.

From my perspective, the low point came precisely where the president seemed to think he was saying something that would live forever in the annals of American political speechifying.

It went like this:

Then, in 2016, the earth shifted beneath our feet. The rebellion started as a quiet protest, spoken by families of all colors and creeds — families who just wanted a fair shot for their children, and a fair hearing for their concerns.

But then the quiet voices became a loud chorus — as thousands of citizens now spoke out together, from cities small and large, all across our country.

Finally, the chorus became an earthquake — and the people turned out by the tens of millions, and they were all united by one very simple, but crucial demand, that America must put its own citizens first … because only then, can we truly MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

Wow! Loud chorus? Earthquake? Tens of millions united by one very simple demand? How’s that for bombast?

But Trump ignored one little factoid that bursts his overinflated bubble:

Hillary Clinton got nearly 3 million more votes than Trump received.



  1. True, maybe. However, Trump got 5 million tweets!

  2. Neftali

    I see liberals like Pat still can’t seem to let go of the popular vote rallying cry. Never mind that the Clinton campaign knew the rules all too well, and still lost IA,WI,MI,PA,FL, and OH. All states that Obama won twice. But yeah, because a bunch of like-minded sheep in California voted for her that’s supposed to mean something. Sorry leftists. You still lose. And deservedly so.

    It all just speaks to massive disarray the Democratic party is in. It’s so bad leftists have become the reincarnation of Sen. Joseph McCarthy with their constant accusations if you have ever talked to the Russians.

  3. Steverino

    Desperate Don has exposed Schumer for eating a Krispy Kreme with Putin in 2003. You can bet an independent investigator will be appointed to find the crumbs.

    • Neftali

      It is what Democrats deserve for trying to act like Joseph McCarthy.

  4. Steverino

    Going to watch “The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming”, a great 1966 Carl Reiner comedy.

    • Robert Hazz Geaunads

      Its amazing how the left has morphed into the war party. Not to mention how they support the ongoing importing of Muslim refugees whose religious beliefs are the antithesis of what the left holds so dearly, abortion, equal rights and opportunites for woman and gay rights-marriage. That would be comparable to Jews supporting refugee Nazis…liberals deservedly earned the title loony left and becoming the scary left with your penchant toward violence.

  5. Neftali

    Not only is the left channeling Joseph McCarthy, but Nixon as well with the revelation that Obama had Trump’s phone tapped.

    Just when you think the Democratic party can’t sink any lower, they find a bigger shovel.

  6. Steverino

    Wiretapping? That’s got to be straight out of Breitbart and Alex Jones. Two reliable sources of unbiased and balanced reporting second only to the Onion. As the circle closes around the Donald the more he becomes unhinged. If he could only find a war someplace.

    • RedRover

      He HAS found a most convenient war:

      Trump steps up airstrikes against Al Qaeda in Yemen; more ground raids could follow
      By W.J. Hennigan, The Los Angeles Times, 4 March 2017

      More than two years after a multi-sided civil war erupted inside Yemen that allowed Al Qaeda’s local franchise to amass power and seize territory, President Trump has directed the Pentagon to embark on a complicated counter-terrorism campaign.

      Trump’s decision, just six weeks into his presidency, intends to reverse the largely unchecked expansion across southern Yemen of the group, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

      The willingness to expand counter-terrorism operations inside war-torn Yemen was the latest signal that Trump is more willing to defer to military commanders on national security policy than President Obama, who was criticized publicly by three of his four Defense secretaries and privately by uniformed officers for micromanaging the military.

      Over two days this week, armed drones and warplanes conducted more than 30 airstrikes against suspected Al Qaeda positions in three Yemeni provinces, marking the first U.S. attacks in the country since an ill-fated Navy SEAL raid in January that killed two dozen civilians, including women and children, Al Qaeda militants and Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens.

      The aerial bombardment is expected to continue into the coming week. Trump is also considering granting more latitude to U.S. military commanders to conduct operations in Yemen, including more airstrikes and ground raids.

      FULL TEXT: http://fw.to/ilu4SNc

      Will this “Wag the Dog” strategy give Trump what he really needs: Muslim enemies of America who have been radicalized by his war crime atrocities and therefore whom he can use to justify his Islamophobic rhetoric?

      How many more innocents must die from American attacks in Yemen to get him to that lofty ideological position?

      Meet the new drone-meister, same as the old drone-meister.

      When Nixon bombed Cambodia in 1970, all hell broke loose, but we’ve come a long way since then. American war crimes are no longer anything to get upset about. Is this a great country, or what?!

    • Robert Hazz Geaunads

      Seems this is becoming a depends what the meaning of is is type moment. Obama said he never ordered a wiretap but not that one wasnt in place. Sounds like it could become a plausible deniability kind of response. Someone is leaking info. As ive said, the nsa is in place to create these kinds of moments. We all have files. Its just that some of us matter more than others on what gets released. And dont forget, Obama elevated the nsa intelligence gathering to new levels. It was never about catching terrorist, its about catching people who dont have the correct thoughts that are in positions of power (Trump and his staff, etc for instance)or influence (i.e. activists).


  7. Steverino

    President Queeg? Somebody wiretapped his strawberries.

  8. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    Why did the liberal media, the republican mouthpieces of Graham and McCain, the CIA, all give Obama a pass on him telling the Russians to wait till after the elections then he will have more say so in relations but somehow Trumps team is conspiring to sell out the usa to Russia? Let’s face it, the liberal media gave Obama a pass on just about everything. They didn’t want to be calked racist for doing what they can get away with by making the white president representative of all things evil. Everyday the msm loses credibility and so does the democratic party and people like McCain and Graham.


  9. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    Huh? Isnt Clapper the guy eho said under oath that the american people email and other electronic data were not being collected by the NSA only to have Snowden’s revelations about NSA overreach show Clapper lied under oath?


  10. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    More on Clapper lying under oath to questions asked by Sen. Wyden. Questions he was given in advance. Can someone tell me why this guys words are given any credibility? Oh wait, this is coming from the huffpo, the rag that poses as a news outlet…biased new outlet that is.


  11. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    Who is releasing these videos in our nation’s supposedly secure white house?

    This just gives more credibility that his whole life is being video’d and recorded. Is there no privacy even for the president?

    • Robert Hazz Geaunads

      This sort of video should be investigated by the secret service. Nobody should be able to record this kind of view. The whole content if that article is a hit job. All speculation. This is how the CIA operates…when they are trying to take down a leader

  12. Robert: Do you never tire of peddling nonsense here? I have a mind’s eye picture of you holed up in your mother’s basement cranking out little bits of insanity at all hours of the day and night. That stuff was mildly humorous at first, but it has long since become boring. Even I don’t bother reading your drivel anymore.

  13. Wilson

    Robert, your mother wears Army boots!

  14. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    What did Obama know, when did he know it and what did he enable. Let’s see where this goes. Drivel this …and since youre not reading my post anymore I can drop some f bombs when appropriate. Hey Mr Wilson, my mother wore golashes.


  15. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    What is Loretta Lynch calling for here? Considering the video of Mark Levin laying out the case against the Obama administration, his DOJ and other alphabet agencies, in the case of Trump’s claims that Obama was fully aware of said bugs on Trump associates and properties, I’m wondering if Loretta may be fearful she did something wrong? So she’s rallying the dem base to shield her?


  16. Steverino

    Some who have stayed at Trump Hotel and Towers have reported an infestation of bed bugs.

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