The American populace is becoming more multiracial

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Six years ago this spring, I wrote a blog post about a report from the Census Bureau that most births in America in those days were officially designated as non-white. This trend likely is even more that way in 2017.

It would do us well, I would argue, to keep this situation in perspective. America has always been a melting pot, and lately it is even more so.

One of my regular readers back in 2011 seems to have imagined a note of alarm in my piece about the Census Bureau report. He was wrong, of course, but he made some good points in the comment he submitted:

Come on, Pat, you copy so much stuff from Wikipedia that you should know better. According to Wikipedia, 58 percent of African Americans have at least 12.5 percent European ancestry. These types of numbers about racial purity in 21st-century America are becoming more and more irrelevant.

I grew up in Rockford and moved to California long ago, and I was a Census crew leader in San Francisco in 2010. I was stunned by the number of multiracial children in my neighborhood, which seemed very white to me. Current projections show that the majority of Californians will be Hispanic in a few years, which is highly misleading. The majority of Californians will have HIspanic surnames, but many (and eventually all) will be multiracial. Same with this silliness about white babies.

We have a biracial President [Barack Obama].  One of the most prominent Hispanic politicians in the country has a surname of Richardson [former New Mexico Governor and former United Nations Ambassador Bill Richardson]…Tiger Woods is so multiracial that I don’t know what his ancestry is exactly. Our future is multiracial. I have seen it myself, and there’s no way to turn the crank backward.

How disappointing that you would use this “news” as a way to reinforce your stereotypes.

But, of course, I embrace no such stereotypes. I welcome the trend toward a multiracial society.

My daughter is a native of China. If and when she ever marries, there’s a good chance that her husband will be Caucasian. And their children will be biracial. If that’s not the way it works out, that’s fine, too. In any event, racial purity is no gold standard in my mind.



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