Right-wing reaction to Fox firing O’Reilly is hilarious



In the wake of Fox News Channel’s dismissal of superstar Bill O’Reilly in connection with his alleged sexual harassment of women, I went slumming in the right-wing blogosphere this morning to gauge the reaction among the political booboisie.

It was a creepy experience at first, but it gradually became quite entertaining.

There were more than a few comments about Bill Clinton’s scandalous womanizing back in the day, as if his sexual adventures were analogous to O’Reilly’s unwelcome advances on certain workmates. The comparison was bogus. Was not Clinton impeached? Did not right-wing Republicans lead the effort to oust him from office? Do the people who wanted Clinton pilloried for consensual sex with women to whom he wasn’t married now want no fuss at all over O’Reilly’s vulgar flirtations with women who resented them?

A lot of ultra-conservatives said the women who complained about O’Reilly’s sexual come-ons were just “bimbos” and gold-diggers who deserve nothing but scorn. Such hatred. These were Trump voters, no doubt.

The stupidest reactions to the O’Reilly affair were the widespread calls for right-wingers to boycott Fox News Channel altogether. Brilliant idea. Inflict financial harm on cable TV’s only reliably conservative voice just out of spite. Yeah, that’ll teach ’em.

Do any of these morons actually expect that the suits at Fox News will rescind their dismissal of O’Reilly and pretend that the whole episode never happened? Are these people completely insensitive to the feelings of women who work at Fox News and have a right to be treated with respect? Do they think that O’Reilly’s talents give him a right to fight against feminist political correctness in any manner he chooses?

I’ve always considered right-wing extremists as dimwitted, but the reaction to the O’Reilly scandal suggests that the situation is worse than I had suspected.







  1. Pat, some readers may misread your 2nd to last paragraph — and think you opined that the “suits” (Fox News management)canned Bill O’Reilly because those guys are sensitive to the feelings of women who work at Fox News. Hopefully, that’s NOT what you really meant. The truth is that B.O. had to go, because of the many, many Fox advertising sponsor$ who fled like lemmings.

  2. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    The only thing BO is guilty of, at this time,is verbalizing what many straight men think when they see a woman who is attractive to them. Didnt Jimmy Carter once say he was guilty of silently lusting?

    If I had filed a lawsuit every time someone made suggestive or derogatory comments toward me, I’d be rich. Getting out of corporate America got me out of those situations…that by the way were mainly perpetrated by woman.

    I think men should start filing counterclaims because woman can be just as slutty and horndogs as men. By the way, look at how many woman are now being arrested for seducing underage males and sometimes females.

    Whatever happened to the concept of sticks and stones? Its been taken over by $$$$$ signs by the professional victim mentality that has taken over our country.

  3. Steverino

    If Billo only has lust in his heart why doesn’t he fight it in a court of law. He’s got money and lawyers.

    • Robert Hazz Geaunads

      “The only thing BO is guilty of, at this time,is verbalizing what many straight men think when they see a woman who is attractive to them.”

      Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but names can get me some fast cash is the new business model. I think one of these victims is claiming he leered at her. Oh, the horror.

      Like I said in a different thread, I’ll be curious to see how many job opportunities these woman who’ve filed a law suit with their name being public, are offered in the future. Maybe they can go work for NOW.

      I’ll give sympathy when its due. Woman can be just as big of hound dogs as men can be.

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