My prediction of Trump’s fall is looking pretty good



Three months ago this coming Sunday, I wrote here that Donald Trump’s “unsavory connections” to Russian boss Vladimir Putin’s regime eventually will lead to Trump’s impeachment or resignation as president of the United States.

That hasn’t happened yet, but the odds against it are falling amid the fuss over Trump’s clumsy dismissal of James Comey as director of the FBI.

On Feb. 14, I wrote that  Trump’s “gentle release of national security adviser Michael  Flynn from his team is just a charade intended to forestall a serious investigation into his administration’s unsavory connections to Russia…In the long run, the effort is doomed to failure.”

And then I mentioned this bill of particulars:

“*Trump has been a longtime and outspoken admirer of Putin’s authoritarian style and strongman tactics.

“*American intelligence agencies found evidence that Russia meddled in our presidential election last year to hurt Hillary Clinton’s chances and thereby help elect Trump.

“*Barack Obama, who was still president, responded to that evidence by imposing certain sanctions on Russia.

“*Even before the Trump team took office, Flynn phoned the Russkies and presumably told them not to worry about Obama’s sanctions.

“*Russia’s response to the sanctions was muted, almost non-existent, which suggested that Flynn’s assurances had been taken to heart.

“*When asked by Vice President-elect Mike Pence about the matter, Flynn said he didn’t discuss the sanctions in his call to the Russians.

“*Recordings of the conversation obtained by intelligence agencies proved that Flynn lied to Pence.

“*Trump asked Flynn to fall on his proverbial sword, which happened last night.

“*All along, Trump has refused to say anything bad about Russia in general or Putin in particular. And now he’s hoping that with Flynn gone from his administration, his cozy relationship with the Kremlin will draw less attention. But that’s just wishful thinking.

“*Sooner or later, good cause to dig deeper into Trump’s ties to Russia will emerge in Congress, even among some Republicans.

“*Eventually, Trump will be impeached or forced to resign.”

Those words were written in February. Now it’s mid-May, and Trump’s handling of the Comey case has stirred a major fuss in both parties. His approval rating in the polls has never been above water, and it continues to sink.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the president will soon be gone. But I wouldn’t bet that he’ll serve a full term.

He might not even last through this year.



  1. Steverino

    Desperate Don will eventually reach the same conclusion as Nixon and leave office with the slim hope that Gerald Ford Pence will exonerate him of all sins past and present.

  2. Neftali

    I see Pat has also fallen pretty to the delusional leftist hysteria. This Trump Russia connection has all the credibility of your average Drudge Report story.

  3. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    Patrick, did Comey ask for more money to investigate Trump’s Russian ties or did he not, just before he was fired? What was the sworn testimony response in this scenario?

  4. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    Here’s your answer, but if anybody looks at the headlines, even from supposed legitimate media sources, they’re saying that Comey had just asked for more money before he was fired and that was even repeated to me by a business acquaintance. That’s what the majority of the American people believe and ITS WRONG…This is why the people are so upset, because they’re being misled by a very corrupt mainstream media. They’re all sluts for clicks… news is no longer about information… its about making money with fake news…


  5. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    Also read and heard that 2 anonymous sources said Trump demanded Comey pledge his allegiance to Trump. Is this more lies and fake news? I bet it it as they sources couldn’t even be named.

    Aren’t all of you, left, right and middle, tired of being misled by fake news and deliberate lies from political hacks parading around as news outlets?

    Are many of you so morally corrupted that if the fake news fits your bias and prejudice, that’s all that matters?

    Do you wonder how people in countries, where civil wars turned neighbors against neighbors, came about? You’re watching how its done right here in America. We’re being severely propagandized by a corrupt corporate media. We need to demand better accountability of news sources before we’re at each others throats all based on lies, half truths and innuendo meant to create more click bait based revs for the fake news outlets… change begins with you!

    PS – Comey confirmed to Feinstein and Grassley that Trump was not under investigation… but if you ask people on the street they’ll believe the total opposite…

  6. Breaking news! Mexico has just agreed to pay for the impeachment!

  7. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    30 sources, really WAPO? 30 Sources… who are these sources. name them…. WAPO NYT… are all these supposed bastions of truth now pathological liars? YES, they are… They’re worse than FOX News was during the GWB years.


  8. Steverino

    Trying to explain Comey’s firing Trump tweeted that because of his super huge busy schedule (golfing and bombing while eating cake) it is “not possible” for the White House to give information “with perfect accuracy”. No wonder Spicer hid in the bushes.

  9. Wilson

    Well it makes sense, Maxine and Pat on the same page, two great minds. Why don’t impeach him now so you lunatics will STF up, I’d be fine with that.
    If you have the goods on him impeach! We need Rahm in the White House!

  10. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    This linked to article is what scurrilous gossip looks and feels like. It’s designed to cause harm to the Trump administration. There’s no name given on who is spreading this baseless here-say.

    “‘It’s total chaos,’ a former Trump transition official with close administration ties told The Hill.”

    I doubt this former transition person exist except in the minds of those who are trying to take down Trump. It’s all made up by a corporate news propagandist probably with ties to the CIA.

    “Explaining the flurry of competing leaks, the former official said: ‘It’s image-making on the inside and people trying to protect themselves. There is a deep streak of paranoia among staff. The communications team sh** the bed on the Comey firing and now the war with the FBI has them all scared and throwing each other under the bus.'”

    I’d say the intent of this kind of rumor mongering, this kind of pure vicious gossip, is to create an atmosphere of distrust, just as the anonymous leaker has noted. The leaker is sowing the exact outcome he/she wants. This article and the supposed leaker, reeks of a CIA operation trying to take down a govt.. this time its our own government. This is how the CIA works. At one time the CIA’s mandate was strictly international in scope, but now its very apparent they operate internally too. It’s probably always been that way.

    The intent is to sow doubt and paranoia, as the article notes,… within the ranks of Trumps inner circle and to give fodder to the left rank and file for yet another reason to be distrustful.

    If I were Trump I’d demand to know who the source is. Trump is right to call off all WH briefings and do them himself and through Twitter.

    So yes, Trump may likely fall ultimately because there is a blatant coup going on to do it.

    This linked to article is Fake News. The left has shown itself for what it is. The left has become everything they claimed the right stood for. Im not afraid of a Trump presidency as much as I see how this kind of take down can happen to any of us, should we challenge the status quo, the deep state faction that is now operating with the full endorsement of the liberals and democrats.

    If you want to see who the left has morphed into, just listen to every name they call their opposition and you will see who they are. Just because I no longer side with the dems or liberals, doesn’t mean I now find my stride in all things republican, because I don’t. I’m somewhere in the center, where most reasonable people reside.


  11. Steverino

    Trump runs a Russian laundromat and it won’t be long before we start seeing indictments.

  12. Robert Hazz Geaunads
  13. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    And my predictions that our country is becoming a nation of snitches and scurrilous gossips is also looking pretty good… Well, I don’t know if good is the best way to describe it, but its happening. We are becoming the very nations we read about that resided behind the Iron Curtain… and much of it is coming from the left, the NSA and the SJWs that will target anybody who don’t meet their approval.

    When will we have block captains to report suspicious activity? Or will websites like Nextdoor become the new Gladys Kravitz’s busy bodies, so neighbors can spy and snitch on other neighbors, especially neighbors they may not like or wish to covet their property… kind of like what happened during the Salem Witch Trials where people were murdered by simple accusations of being associated with the devil.

    At some point even lefties will come under suspicion and arrest for not having the correct thoughts or associations.

    The MSM coup, along with factions within our govt, that are attempting to take down Trump by issuing false narratives and fake news, and all planted by political hacks parading around as journalist, will someday project their ugly power at those on the streets and at every day average citizens, who don’t see the world through the PC glasses the left wants everyone to wear.

    And as this article shows, people will be paid to be snitches. Most snitches lie from what I’ve read, as they will say anything to get the reward/payment/reduced sentence offered.

    So when you support this coup by the MSM and factions within the govt, just remember you too may somehow be targeted by someone in the snitch society being created. It’s coming.


    PS – so far I’ve seen nothing to prove the UOA hasn’t initiated this program of paid snitches. Of course, the MSM liberal outlets haven’t printed it yet, but when they do, you can bet the spin will be positive and necessary. You sick people.

    • Robert Hazz Geaunads

      Here’s a few comments from the above linked article. They are reflective of just how crazy the far left has become and how the far left now is the face of the democratic party.

      “Camille Mauro · Deer Park High School
      They did this in Russia and Cuba…just food for thought.
      Like · Reply · 12 · May 10, 2017 7:48pm

      Travis Sowers · Bellingham Technical College
      It’s truly disturbing that the far left views themselves as the noblest crusaders against fascism, but then employ the exact same tactics as those they are supposedly against. As though it’s simply the ideology of fascism that is abhorrent, not the tactics, completely disregarding that it is exactly the tactics that have done so much evil. It’s like beingagainst the death penalty and hanging those that are for it. It’s pure insanity to anyone rational.
      Like · Reply · 8 · May 11, 2017 11:38am

      Lawrence Greenberg · Stony Brook University
      And Nazi Germany – you missed that one. In fact, the Nazis had kids reporting their parents for improper thoughts and words.
      Like · Reply · 4 · May 12, 2017 4:18am”

  14. Wilson

    I would think the Russians would have preferred the Clinton’s in the White House. The Clinton’s have a history, they got very rich after and during the times they were political assets. I haven’t heard of any high paid speeches by Bill lately. Trump on the other hand is already rich, so are we saying one billion isn’t enough?

    Donors dry up when they Clinton’s can’t deliver.

  15. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    Just want to say I’m very disappointed in Trump. That doesn’t mean I hate him or wish Hillary won, just disappointed that he hasnt been the change I was hoping for. He didnt even have a plan in rough draft when he said his obamacare replacement would be better and cheaper. The only thing I admire is his calling out of the corrupt media that is nothing but political hacks now. He also allowed the war hawks to turn Russia against us rather than be a partner in snuffing out mutual adversaries. Putin is now siding with NK in this chess game when we all know that K J sun is nothing but a loose cannon that cant be allowed to develop nuclear weaponry.

  16. Steverino

    Will Robert he certainly hasn’t made America great again has he?

  17. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    All I keep hearing on the radio news every 30 minutes is that Trump gave the Russians sensitive classified information last week just after he fired Comey, even though his SOS was in that same meeting and said it never happened. The media should not be able to hide behind anonymous sources. The use of anonymous sources should be outlawed.

    We are being propagandized by the very media our constitution gives free reign to inform us… or as it now works, mislead the American public.

    • Robert Hazz Geaunads

      My mistake, not his SOS but his Security Advisor.

      By the way, before all this anti Russian talk took over the airwaves by the liberal media and dems that have suddenly become war hawks, Russia was a partner in fighting ISIS and radical Islam forces, especially after 911. Now Russia is being painted as it was in the 50s during the cold war era and the leftist SJW in America and Europe, are now modeling their violent tactics after that same time period in communist history. How sick.

      Russia and the USA had a mutual enemy, as radical Islam is a big threat in the eastern European nations too. Thanks to the left and the MIC, we have now alienated a partner in our crime fighting activities.


  18. Steverino

    As the supreme being Trump says he has the absolute right to reveal classified information. I’m sure this will be part of his defense at the impeachment hearing.

    • Robert Hazz Geaunads

      He does and did have every right to share information with Russia. We’ve done it for years. They were our partners in fighting ISIS, Al Qaida, and all other names associated with radical Islam and our battle against it.

      What’s interesting is the new information coming out about the wikileaks emails from the DNC and the supposed role that murdered DNC staffer had in that leak. Assange has always said it wasn’t Russia and inferred it was the murdered staffer. It’s also interesting how Russia became ace number one bad nation status and the anti-Russian narrative also started gaining steam about the same time as his murder.

      It would tend to make sense why all the anti-Russian narrative became the main theme of the liberal, hate all things Trump, blame Russia narrative we’ve been bombarded with the past 8-10 months.

      Will we ever know the truth…probably not. Unless it can somehow be pointed as Trump was behind all of it… then the liberal media will be on it in the snap of a finger, complete with all of them using the same buzz words in their stories, as though they received a memo telling them what incendiary words to use in their stories. Yes, journalism has become that corrupt.


  19. Steverino

    So what is it comrade? Yesterday the WH denied classified information was shared and today it happened because Russia is our friend. Trump should at least extend a hand picking up Tillerson and McMaster from under the bus.

    • Robert Hazz Geaunads

      The story is changing. What I’d like to know is, if this information was so classified, how did the anonymous leakers find out about it and know what was discussed? Hah, comrade?

  20. Steverino

    The anonymous leaker is Trump, he tweets in his sleep.

  21. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    I could swear Comey testified under oath that Trump never asked him to back off on any investigations.

  22. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    Even Nancy Pelosi is saying backoff on the impeachment talk to dems. She says you can’t bring up impeachment based on heresay. Thats just adding to the problem. You can’t impeach a president just because you dont like him, she said.

  23. Steverino

    Backing off now equates to a slow death for Trump and his entire cabal including Pence, Ryan and McConnell.

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