Trump is good for Obama’s legacy



In his  first five months in the White House, the only notable history achieved by Donald Trump is that he’s an uncommonly unpopular president at this early point in his tenure. His approval rating has been underwater since before he took the oath of office. And there are no indications that it will move into positive territory anytime soon.

Meanwhile, Trump’s immediate predecessor, Barack Obama,  “has been whisked to a very good table at the club of former presidents,” as Time magazine put it late last year.

A C-SPAN survey of 91 presidential historians published in December ranked Obama as the 12th best U.S. president ever. That’s the highest ranking among recent presidents except for Ronald Reagan, who was rated in ninth place.

Survey results gave Obama high marks for pursuing equality, managing the economy, public persuasion and “moral authority.” But he was said to have been below-average in handling international relations.

But unlike historians, most Americans are not more than vaguely familiar with the legacies of presidents who served long  ago — except, perhaps, for Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and a few others. Most people were not yet adults when George H.W. Bush was president. We’re generally more familiar with the second President Bush than with his  father,  but Obama’s two terms in office naturally are freshest in our minds.

Obama benefits in this regard from Trump’s lack of achievements thus far, which has led to his low approval ratings. There’s a delicious irony in the fact that The Donald’s campaign oratory included the ludicrous claim that Obama was “the worst president” in American history. Historians disagree, and so do most of the rest of us.

Those of us who experienced the Obama presidency first-hand and have endured these early months of Trump’s reign have an advantage that future generations won’t: We know that the former was far more classy and dignified as president than the latter has been thus far. We also remember that Trump’s prior claim to political fame was based mostly on his baseless claim that Obama was born in Africa and thus was ineligible to be president.

Yes, it’s Barack Obama’s  good luck that he has been succeeded by a man of so little dignity and grace.

It will be our  good  luck if Trump’s presidency is cut short by the forces of justice, which currently looks like a distinct possibility.












  1. JG1957

    If you can stop your Obama lovefest long enough, you should read this rational questioning of Obama’s ranking by someone who actually participated in the C-Span survey. If it doesn’t make you wonder how Obama ranked 12th, you’re being intellectually dishonest. As the author concludes, liberal historians simply weren’t able to separate their objectivity and partisanship when evaluating Obama.


    • Who would’ve thought a conservative rag like American Spectator would disparage President Obama?

      • JG1957

        Straight from the liberal playbook…when you can’t dispute the message, attack the messenger. This is the tactic used to shut down conservative speech on college campuses.

        You’ll notice in the other thread we’ve exchanged comments on today that I challenged the message – I didn’t attempt to dismiss the source. That’s what my side does. Argument. Exchange of ideas. I’m capable of listening even if I disagree.

        • Shawn Robinson

          You might believe in an exchange of ideas — for example, you read Pat’s blog. Usually, a side does not believe in the exchange of ideas. The author of your article claims Obama has no real accomplishments and is being given a high ranking by liberal historians because of their shared liberalism with Obama. He sticks his head in the sand with Obama’s accomplishments. We know most of Obama’s accomplishments, Trump is supposedly trying to undo as an electoral college winner rather than someone operating with a mandate. The website GOOD, which so just heard of last year, was one I saw that didn’t use the arrogant word “legacy.”

  2. Shawn Robinson

    You wil probably not find anything rational or objective in the American Spectator, edited by R. Emmett Tyrell. He is a partisan. I think it’s OK to be one of that’s what you claim to be. Tyrell is one and his magazine will be too.
    From Tyrell’s Wikipedia entry.
    “The old liberalism was, according to Tyrrell, succeeded by “Obama and his friendly fascists or crony capitalists”, which resulted in an absolute break with what liberalism once was.”

  3. Steverino

    Obama was a talented and decent individual unlike the turd ball we currently have in office.

  4. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    Obama was put into place to advance the Neocon agenda to remake the middle east into a more westernized society and to promote the causes of The Project for the New American Century. Beyond that, he put into place many of the very same people whose policies were responsible for the great recession, so where was the hope and change right from the beginning? Eric Holder was put into place to protect the banks from any prosecutions of actual CEO’s. The big banks paid fines from money the FED printed for them, for their role in the great recession. How’s that for Obama style justice? The left would like us to believe Obama had high hopes but was held back by the republicans from doing the right things. I say BS…. Obama did exactly what his string pullers put him into place to do. Obama’s elevation to POTUSA was not some random event. He was groomed for that position long before we heard of him in 2004.

    We lost more privacy under Obama than we did under GWB. The middle east became more inflamed under his presidency and we are now witnessing the seeds that Obama, Hillary and the MIC sowed to promote Russia as our arch enemy, a revert back to the 1950s and all related to the desires of NATO and Russia’s unwillingness to allow nuclear bomb stations to be planted along its border. If our nations leaders don’t tone it down,(Don’t forget, Trump tried to make peace, but the MIC has won out.), we will not only witness Russia but China too, become energized in their desire to destroy the USA.

    John McCain is the biggest force in creating this anti-Russia theme we are witnessing. There’s absolutely no evidence that Trump had Russia interfere with our elections other than hearsay and a firm voice from those who’ve lied to us in the past, that there’s evidence, but like the Comey memo, no one has seen it. To provide evidence of such intrusions would mean to show a direct invasion of our election databases. We all know that our own intelligence services can create scenarios that blame another nation for something our own nation did and does to other nations, to change outcomes and in this case, to bring along the American people in creating a toxic and deadly anti-Russian environment, that can only lead to one thing, total destruction of our planet in a nuclear war. Putin has already laid claim to first strike options.

    (When the did the left become the war party, because all I read on this board from the left is negative references to the Ruski’s and referring to people who don’t support this anti-Russia agenda as comrades?)

    Russia and the USA have a common enemy, ISIL/ISIS and all the other groups of radicalized Muslims that we are in a battle with, that we just can’t seem to win. So what do we do, we invite into our country, the very people whose nations we’re bombing, whose family members were killing with our drone strikes, whose countries we are destabilizing in the name of PNAC, and wonder why some are radicalized and become homegrown terrorists. This new type of PC warfare is going to destroy us and the liberals will be there to bring it along.

    This is what GWB and Obama have brought to the USA and the liberals praise one and decry the other, but both advanced the same agenda. That’s how screwed up the left is.

    PS – Obama deported more Mexicans than any president in history, but nobody said anything when he did it, but when Trump continued with the same agenda, he was demonized and it was front page outrage for weeks. This is how screwed up the left has become. Im attaching an article showing that Trump was right about the numbers of people Obama deported, but the article also shows the few instances when some news channels made his numbers public, and I fail to remember any outrage from the liberals/progressive/democrats when this information came out, unlike the riots and marches we’ve seen under Trump.


  5. wilson

    You have to be blinded by your ideology to think the last eight years was anything but a failure. The following is from a RINO \Never Trumper

  6. Shawn Robinson

    Isn’t this really just an exercise in confirmation bias, though? If I say some president is the best, it will probably be on my political team where if I say one is the worst, it will be one my opponents team. A “legacy” is supposed to be the effect of a president over a long time. Obama has only been gone five months. Also people from opposing parties discontinue “legacies” from opposing parties all the time unless they accept there is a demand for these policies. There’s always going to be a demand for lower priced health care in this country since we foolishly reject Canadian and European models. Now that the genie is out of the bottle, if a federal health system isn’t in demand, states will begin to adopt their own models.
    Hating a political party solely for the sake of it being the other team is a terrible idea. Taking apart the Iran deal, the Paris accords and restoring a major troop presence and dismantling NATO would not only foolishly end Obama’s “legacy” but return the US to bring the world’s laughing stock as it was when we didn’t find any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Even worse, all these Trump policies have been given to us by “values voters” and self-described Christians or conservatives. They will effectively discredit their movements but make a mess at the same time.


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