Trump already is one of the most important presidents in American history



Donald Trump’s pathetic legislative record in the first five-plus months of his presidency doesn’t necessarily diminish his status as one of the most important chief executives we’ve ever had. We’ll be talking about this guy for decades to come, even if mostly in less than glowing terms.

I’m not going to list all the examples of Trump’s foolishness to make my case against the man’s qualifications for high office.  They’re almost countless. But allow me to focus briefly on the president’s most recent Twitter controversy.

Trump, as you know, watches a lot of television. And sometimes he tweets critical remarks about stuff he’s seen on the tube. Those remarks often include nasty personal observations about the TV personalities involved in the program at issue.

Yesterday, Trump tweeted an angry response to the coverage he often gets on “Morning Joe,” a talk show on MSNBC. He said he saw Mike Brzezinski, a co-host of the show, in a social situation last year, and she bore scars of a recent facelift. He said he saw blood.  (Of course, this was not the first time Trump has indicated a weird obsession with women’s blood.)

Public reaction, in both parties, to this ugly tweet was massive and overwhelmingly negative. Most importantly, it sucked a lot of the oxygen out of the news cycle. On this day, the prevailing public image of our president was that of a weird and petty man talking about surgical scars on the face of woman he doesn’t like

The loonies will dismiss this characterization as an example of media bias. But the media actually are facing a dilemma of sorts with the availability of so many angles that reflect poorly on Trump and his team. There’s too much of it. Where can we draw a line? How do we avoid overdoing it?

Aside from Fox News, any major news organization that conspicuously opts to downplay its coverage of President Trump is only asking to get clobbered in the ratings and mocked by others in the industry.

But wait! I don’t want to get lost in the high brush here. My central point is that Donald John Trump is such an unlikely president, so ill-prepared for the job he holds, such a sucker for disinformation he picks up from disreputable sources and so unable to curb his narcissistic impulses that he’s already secured a prominent place in history — less than six months on the job.

In a sense, the rest of Trump’s tenure in the presidency is almost a cinch to be of uncommon importance. The problem right now is that this gang in the White House is far more unpredictable than most of its predecessors. There’s no telling what they’ll try next.

Mind you, I’m still betting that Trump will be removed from office before the end of the current term. The possible causes of his fall are numerous, and there probably are others that we don’t yet know about. But something will bring him down. And history will give this chapter the emphasis it deserves.

Donald Trump is a candidate for the title of America’s Worst President Ever.



  1. Steverino

    He is now on day three of Joe and Mika, can’t last much longer. Will all the Trumpskls wear their “let’s make America great again” hats on the 4th?

  2. Neftali

    Worst President ever? Not by a long shot. Despite Trump having the social graces of an 8th grade school girl, the economy is doing fairly well, ISIS is on the run, health care is being overhauled, and we might even have tax reform.

    The real story is how well things are going despite Trump being an embarrassing buffoon.

  3. Steverino

    It’s not health care that’s being overhauled it’s wealth care tax cuts because one yacht isn’t enough.

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