Trump’s campaign against voter fraud is foolish



Four months ago this week, I wrote this about Donald Trump:

Remember his explanation of why he apparently lost to Hillary Clinton by nearly 3 million votes in the tally of popular votes in last year’s presidential election? He said it was a case of massive voter fraud and promised to order a full-scale investigation of the matter. But the issue now seems to have been forgotten. Even Republican election officials around the country have said they’ve seen no evidence of voter fraud in the November election, and Trump accordingly says nothing about it anymore.

I was wrong, but only sort of. Most Americans still aren’t demanding an investigation of “massive voter fraud.” But Donald Trump’s ego is such that he can’t accept the fact that Clinton defeated him in the popular vote last fall. The results had to be bogus, according to Trump — and now he’s ordered a commission to look into the matter and produce the evidence that he was cheated.

But, of course, there is no such evidence — certainly nothing more than a few isolated cases of voter fraud.

Moreover, the effort to formally investigate this matter is off to a bad start. Election officials in more than 40 states, many of whom are Republicans, are balking at the commission’s demand for all sorts of data regarding registered voters. Then, too, the guy running the commission is a certifiable kook.

Trump and others of his conspiratorial ilk like to pretend that Democratic votes in America emanate in large part from the illegal efforts of big-city political machines. That was at least partly true many years ago. But the Richard J. Daleys of yore have been dead for more than 40 years, and the organizations they headed no longer exist or are pale shadows of their former selves.

The closest thing to voter fraud in this day and age usually takes the form of Republican efforts to suppress the vote among minorities and other traditional elements of the Democratic Party. In some states, voting is increasingly inconvenient for black folks — and the excuses for Republicans making it so difficult are lame at best. Fortunately, federal courts have stepped in to correct the most egregious examples of voter suppression.

Over the months, I had come to expect that Trump would let these bogus claims of voter fraud just fade away. But he’s pressing the matter after all.

I don’t how he figures that this situation will redound to his political benefit in the end. Even most Republican officials in election bureaus around the country argue that voter fraud is extremely rare.




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  1. Steverino

    Talk about fraud maybe we can trade voter information for Trumpski’s tax return.

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