How long will Trump’s presidency last?

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Thursday of next week will be the six-month mark of Donald Trump’s tenure as president. I’m tempted to joke that I’m surprised he has lasted this long.

But seriously, folks, The Donald’s first half-year in the White House has been an unprecedented failure. No previous president has suffered such poor approval ratings in these early months.

The only good news for Trump has been a fairly healthy economy, but the momentum for that began in Barack Obama’s presidency. Otherwise, he hasn’t accomplished much. And to make matters worse, his penchant for tweeting has become a silly  indulgence of his ego — and almost everyone recognizes it as such.

I’ve been saying all along that Trump will never make it through his first term. He’s just too much of a loose cannon. A smart guy would have difficulty dealing with Trump’s ethical problems — and Trump ain’t no smart guy. He’s a man of astonishingly limited intellect. He lucked into the presidency on the convergence of various unlikely factors. But you know about that, right?

What you may not know yet is that Trump will become an ex-president sometime in the next 12 months. When Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his gang of investigators come up with results of their probe of ties between the Trump campaign and Russian bad guys, the president will have to face a choice between impeachment and resignation. I think he’ll quit, but only after pretending that he’ll fight the good fight to the very end. Richard Nixon, too, said he’d never resign. But he did.

Coming as it does so late in my life — Trump’s presidency is the 14th since I was born — I will be grateful to have lived long enough to witness the fall of such a world-class phony.

The only potential downside is the question of what becomes of the millions of diehard Trump supporters. I’d like to think that the lucky ones somehow will learn a valuable lesson from the experience — but don’t ask me how. When you consider all the falsehoods and bigotry Trump peddled on the campaign trail, you have to wonder how anyone ever bought into anything he said.

By the way, if you think Trump will last through this first term, explain yourself in the comments section. I promise not to argue with you.











  1. Steverino

    I think his physical health is overlooked. He appears to show an unusual amount of fatigue especially when traveling in addition to memory issues all of which may indicate severe atherosclerosis. Given the stress of the job and pending investigations it would be virtually impossible for Trump to complete a full term of office.

  2. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    I want to see the content of this supposed email.

    “But on Sunday, Trump Jr. admitted in a statement that he had met with Veselnitskaya after being told she “might have information helpful to the campaign.”

    “Her statements were vague, ambiguous and made no sense,” Trump Jr. said. “No details or supporting information was provided or even offered. It quickly became clear that she had no meaningful information.”

    I find it interesting that the other two people (Kushner and Manafort) aren’t being scandalized equally for this supposed moment too. This whole event is to destroy Trump, because that’s what its really about. It all seems very targeted. And who is this Rob Goldstone person? Why isn’t he a big part of this investigation as he was acting as a go between. Is he a Russian agent? If this lawyer is a Russian agent, why hasn’t she been deported?

    Are we all suppose to be suspicious of every Russian in this country now? Are they all Russian agents with ties to the Russian government, because that’s the picture that’s being sown. If I were a Russian emmigrant in the USA, I’d sure feel like I was being demonized and eyed with suspicion. Is this the environment the liberals want? Because that’s what you’re implying. I thought you were all so loving?

    Are we all suppose to become suspicious of everybody in this country now? Black against White? BLM and sympathizers against police, Muslim against Christian? LGBTQ against Heteros, Urban against City dwellers? Liberal against Conservative? Because that’s the divisions being sown by the liberal media.

    What about China? Are you going to tell me and and half the country that they aren’t busy hacking into our systems? What about Israel? Are you in the liberal media going to tell the country that they aren’t busy trying to hack our nation? And vice versa… What about the USA? Wasn’t it proven during the Obama years, the NSA was hacking into Angela Merkel’s emails?

    More anonymous sources… I want names… This is total rubbish.

    At some point Trump will need to go after these thugs in the media sowing divisions for the sake of filling up the airwaves for cash… go after them for sedition.. make a few examples. The liberal media is trying to take down Trump and by default, our government.

    And I don’t believe these polls. I meet people every day that support Trump. Who and where are these supposed polls being transacted.

    The liberal, anti-Trump media, that represents the overwhelming majority, including the NYT and WAPO, Huffington Post are the main purveyors of unsubstantiated dirt. I hope they all go bankrupt.

    The only legitimate news icons in this country are Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi and Amy Goodman.


  3. Steverino

    Trump just confirmed that the leaks came from Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale.

  4. annie coffman

    Hope you’re right. Would be even beter if the nightmarish Pence would go with him.

  5. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    Patrick, first off I must say in the past decade plus, I’ve always held Fox News in comtempt as a highly partisaned news organization, but now the whole mainstream media apparatus is just that and overwhelmingly left and sometimes far left of center.

    I’m very surprised that the Huffington Post put this story on by Sean Hannity, as it does a very good job at exposing just how nothing else of significant counter effect matters in the objective of the msm goal, to destroy Trump at any expense. The attacks on Trump, the leaks, are relentless.

    Our country is being divided deliberately and maliciously by a msm intent on destroying Trump. Ive never seen anything so vicious. Even the witch hunt to impeach Bill Clinton pales in contrast.

    The 24-7-365 news cycle is killing our nation.


  6. Steverino

    I don’t think they’re deliberately attacking Trump but just reporting what he actually says and does. He’s very good at incriminating himself.

  7. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    We should be thankful for James Comey and his letting off of Hillary last summer, saying it was not her intention to do wrong with her illegal easily hacked servers. Now Trump Jr. can claim the same thing about his meeting with that person who claimed to have dirt on the Hillary campaign.

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