Trump is doomed



Donald Trump has served fewer than 200 days as president, but it now seems that the end already is in sight.

Even congressional Republicans are growing tired of The Donald’s erratic performance. Indeed, some of them are warning that their patience with this man’s nutty behavior has reached its limits.

Just this morning, GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said “there will be holy hell to pay” if Trump fires Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He also said that removing special counsel Robert Mueller without good reason would be “the beginning of the end of Trump’s presidency.”

Them’s strong words, even coming from Graham, who’s a little less right-wingy than most of his Republican colleagues on Capitol Hill. Affection for Trump among GOP lawmakers in general is becoming perceptibly less ardent than it was just a few weeks ago.

The fundamental problem is that Trump has a basic misunderstanding of the powers available to him. He seems to have thought all along that a president can do whatever he wants and can rule by fiat. It’s almost as if the man is completely ignorant of the restraints under which previous presidents have had to serve, much to their dismay in some cases. Does Trump not understand what happened to Richard Nixon when he learned the hard way that there were limits to his power?

Trump’s missteps as president are too numerous to list here, but the number grows almost daily. Yesterday, without any warning whatsoever, the president issued a tweet declaring that transgender people no longer will be allowed to serve in the U.S. military. This directive was a complete surprise to virtually everyone, even to officials at the Pentagon, the very people who will have to enforce it.

What did Trump think he would accomplish with this mean-spirited bigotry? Was it just an impulsive effort to change the subject?

We’ve all grown accustomed to Trump’s peculiar penchant for venting in his tweets, but patience with his illogical rants is growing thin, even among his fellow Republicans. You could call it a Trump Fatigue Factor.

The president no longer tries to disguise his apparent fear that details of his campaign’s dealings with the Russian government ultimately will be his  undoing. His principal political objective is to defang the forces who can bring the Russian situation to bear against him.

Talk about this kind of stuff has become so routine in recent weeks and months that some people perhaps don’t notice that Trump is becoming increasingly desperate to avoid the ultimate disgrace. Not even his propensity for self-aggrandizement — to wit: He says the crowds at this inauguration were the biggest in history — can hide the fact that his fear is getting the best of him.

The situation is such that Trump is likely to become increasingly desperate and unglued.  His weak standing in the polls suggests that there’s no sizable well of affection for him among the American public. Yes, he still has his base of enthusiastic supporters, but it’s getting smaller with each passing day. If and when this reality becomes apparent to him, the president likely will become even less predictable.

It’s my educated guess that Donald Trump no longer will be president come next summer. Perhaps his fall from grace will come even sooner.  The big question is whether he will resign or be impeached. Either way, the end is coming, and then America will face the daunting task of trying to restore dignity to presidential politics.







  1. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    He’s treating the presidency as if it were a reality show. The fall is when the new season begins. What will it bring?

    I thought this transgender ban was something he was signaling because the defense dept had told him there were problems, but its looking more and more like it was his own doing. The defense dept appears to have not been involved in this decision.

    I’d hoped he would have been more professional in his demeanor than we’re witnessing, but he’s not. There’s room in every position for flippant, but well thought out actions, but he’s just too erratic. I don’t believe he has any calculated goal in his behavior. He just reacts. And this Mooch guy? What’s up with that? He was a Clinton soldier, now he’s in the Trump camp? There’s suppose to be a reasonable length of time in-between switching sides that makes it look like a real come to papa moment. There’s something not right there.

    Trump’s not a detail person. Nor is he appearing to be thoughtful in his intentions. He just lashes out. Some of his gripes may be legitimate, but you don’t have broadcast all of them. And you don’t shame people publicly who’ve supported you. Private is fine, but how he operates makes friends into enemies.

    As a CEO or any high level manager, I thought he would have at least had an idea, an outline, of what a replacement program for Obamacare would look like, but he didn’t. He sold an idea and that’s all. I don’t understand how he’s built the dynasty he has.

    Obamacare will not ever be repealed imo, and that’s a good thing. All this weeks activity was just political theater.

    I have no regrets for giving Trump a chance, but he’s blown it.

    I will not be dipping my feet in the liberal pond though. You’re way out of line in your political correctness and that’s the reason someone like Trump could be elected. The stifling of opposing opinions through violence and rioting, as we saw up to the election and the months thereafter, will only make the middle become more center right, not center left.

    I agree with Pat, 365 days left and counting, with an out of the blue quick advance to a lesser number, very much in play. I also have to wonder why Obama has chosen to buy a home in WA DC? I don’t know of any president that stuck around our nations capital after their terms were up. What does he know that we don’t, yet? And what role has he agreed to play?

    Looking out to 2020, I see Gavin Newsom becoming a top tier national player. No others stick out to me yet. We need an authentic, non pandering, non placating to special interest groups, no making promises without a plan, type of candidate. We’re all so tired of being disappointed, but I don’t hold much hope out on any other type of outcome.

    • Did you just wake up from a brain fog, Robert? Trump hasn’t changed in the last 2 days. He has been like this since he started campaigning. But you and your ilk have been praising him and telling the rest of us how wrong we are. Now you’re jumping ship like a rat. You put him in office and you own it. Don’t give us this nonsense you thought you’d give him a chance and the other candidates blah, blah, blah. Trump is where he is because of people like you!!

      • Robert Hazz Geaunads

        Trump is where he is because the democratic party failed to offer an acceptable alternative candidate. Instead the DNC chose to enflame minority tensions rather than represent a broader section of traditional voters.

        Don’t be so foolish as to think that people who supported an anything but Hillary position are somehow in your camp. The country is evenly divided and many will live vicariously through whatever Trump’s fate is.

      • Robert Hazz Geaunads

        tex, et al, I said long ago, don’t underestimate my political acumen.

        There are multiple burdens looming for our country and the world. From the world economy and currencies, to the environmemt, to civil unrest, to looming world wars. The planet is ripe for a showdown on many fronts.

        My greatest concern is that our country will be sold off to pay for our huge debts. China is buying up lots of land around the world. Just saying….

    • Robert Hazz Geaunads

      There’s an article in Politico explaining why Trump suddenly decided that Transgenders could no longer serve in the miltary.

      Apparently, there was some legislstion in play that would make him look good, but it was being held up by some cost related to transgenders. So his response was to just eliminate them from the military, then there’d be no reason to hold up the legislation.

      One has to believe if he can throw a group of people under the bus like this, what group is next that interferes with his ability to claim success?

  2. Steverino

    Trump is trying to find a way to step down without being prosecuted. Between SC Mueller and NYAG Schneiderman it’s doubtful he’ll have that luxury.

    • Robert Hazz Geaunads

      You continue to make those claims all based on innuendo and still to be actualized claims of Russian collusion.

      Why no interest in why the DNC server the FBI never sought, but it could yield some very important data as to who, what and where evidence. Evidence that could prove it was leaked as opposed to hacked.

      The only people who’ve colluded at this point are best friends, Comey and Mueller, to destroy Trump.

      I hope youre going to be happy when Pence becomes president. And if Sessions is still in place, we will see conservatism that will put a smile on Jerry Falwell’s rotting corpse (never liked that guy).

  3. Americans will have to decide very soon whether they wish for democracy to continue, and vote for representatives to do what they want, or do they want to have Trump carry on with an authoritarian government, where he makes all the decisions to do it his way, and also forces congress to do it his way.
    I expect he will soon stage a coup and lock himself in the White House and tweet forth new rules. This person is nuttier than a Christmas fruitcake. When people go loony they show it in different ways, and this man definitely doesn’t have both oars in the water. Will history show that congress waited too long to remove him? Let’s hope not. The people need to step up, and start demonstrating for his removal. It matters not what his supporters say. They are a minority.

  4. Steverino

    Hats off to Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and John McCain who prefers Presidents not captured by Putin.

    The word on Fifth Avenue is money laundering involving the entire Trump family plus many Russian nationals. Wait and see the indictments are coming.

    • Robert Hazz Geaunads

      Money laundering? Usuallt that requires ill gotten gains…trying to be entered into the legal marketplace…what’s the racket. Bootleg vodka?

  5. Steverino

    If someone with mob connections buys your house for three times what it’s worth you just might be laundering money. This has been going on for years between so called Russian businessmen, shell companies and Trump properties. It’s no wonder Trump didn’t want Mueller to look into his family financial operations.

    • Robert Hazz Geaunads

      Maybe. But Rockford hasn’t ever experienced housing price increases like the rest of the country, so I can see how it might appear to be unusual.

      It’s not unusual for prices to increase 3 and 4 fold and sometimes in a very short timeframe. (I don’t think that’s happening in the current resale market though). How long did Trump own that property before he sold it?

  6. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    If we don’t do something about N. Korea, we’re doomed. I fully support the talk from Trump on N. Korea.

    What further amazes me are the stupid comments from commenters.

    Our congress and their fake obsession with Russia and the collusion that has had over a year to show some kind of activity towards proving it happened (yet hasn’t), is handicapping our ability to have alliances in this problem. Russia use to be our ally on many fronts before the Syria conflict and the NATO desire to put nukes on Russia’s border.

    I hope you’re happy lefties. N. Korea now says they can hit Chicago.


    • Robert Hazz Geaunads

      Clarification – I meant the comments on the WSJ linked article.

    • Robert once again goes from criticism to praising the man child. Today he tells us what a great job Trump is doing to protect us from N. Korea. Calling out China for not solving the problem? Is that protecting us? I would think a strong leader would step up and a least warn N. Korea if they mess with a bull they are going to get gored. After bragging for the last year how tough he would be on our enemies Trump is nothing more than a meek kitten. Russia, China, Iran, and N. Korea are probing and testing him daily and he has yet to push back. Soon there will be a crisis, and he will fail us.

      • Robert Hazz Geaunads

        Maybe he’s signaling either fix this problem or we will.

        And let’s not forget, it was Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter that gave this technology to North Korea back in the early 90s. And let’s not also forget that each president since then has punted this problem to the next.

        Something will be done sooner or later. The pot is near boiling. Thank you Bill Clinton. Thank you Jimmy Carter, Thank you GWB, Thank you Obama.

        The unfortunate part of making America great again is that since Clinton, we’ve moved all our factories and associated equipment to countries that are now exercising the power that card, our greedy corporations, gave them.

        It never ceases to amaze me how the left, i.e., people like tex, have become the war hawks since Trump came into power and praise Clinton and Obama for arming the enemy. Wow, just Wow. Oh yeah, we’ve now given that same power to Iran that we gave to NK over 20 years ago. Both deals negotiated by Democrats. Another Wow, just Wow?

        • Robert Hazz Geaunads

          tex, you fail as a political junkie. Political junkies must interpret the role each side is reacting to, to see who currently has the advantage. All you are is a political hack for the democrats, like most of the mainstream media is.

          • Big yawn! You put me to sleep with your claptrap. Now go collect your rubles comrade.

      • Robert Hazz Geaunads

        Here tough guy, from Rueters,

        “Trump’s ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said on Twitter on Sunday that the United States was “done talking” about North Korea, which was “not only a U.S. problem.”

        “China is aware they must act,” Haley said, urging Japan and South Korea to increase pressure and calling for an international solution.

        China, the North’s main ally, said it opposed North Korea’s missile launches, which it said violate UN Security Council resolutions designed to curb Pyongyang’s banned nuclear and missile programs.

        “At the same time, China hopes all parties act with caution, to prevent tensions from continuing to escalate,” China’s foreign ministry said in a statement on Saturday. ”

        If all I listened to was the liberal MSM, I’d be mistaken most of the time, like you are.


        • OOOH! Little Kimmy is probably quaking in his boots after Nikky made that statement. I bet flying two B-2’s in circles around S. Korea for ten hours gave him night sweats also. Trump said on Jan. 2 that they would never get a ballistic missile. Well, now they have one. Liberals are not war hawks, as you say. In fact we are fearful of war, and if this man child continues to blow smoke that he is tough but does nothing to show that he is, we move closer to war everyday. Not just with N. Korea but all the countries who would take advantage of a weak leader. Tell us how Trump’s policy towards N. Korea is any better than previous administrations which you criticize. He said many things would happen on day one. I say he is a liar. Trump golfs while N. Korea builds missiles.
          And by the way. Clinton and Carter did not give them nuclear technology. In 1994 N. Korea agreed to stop its plutonium reactor in exchange for international aid to build a light water reactor. In 2003 they threw out the agreement and went back to building a plutonium reactor.

  7. Steverino

    Trump can’t manage the White House let alone North Korea.

  8. Shawn Robinson

    just curious, how do you think the Democrats inflame racial tensions or surpress anyone’s speech, Robert? I don’t see that at all. The right wing has it’s own TV shows, radio shows and websites. They didn’t go away. In fact, there was wall to wall coverage about Hillary sending what amounted to three classified emails over an unsecured server. Trump told Russian government officials classified information face to face. No one cares. Do you really think people are just blowing smoke on Russia?

    • Robert Hazz Geaunads

      “Do you really think people are just blowing smoke on Russia?”

      For the most part, yes. Even some of the players have referred to it as a nothing burger. A now common phrase.

      …how do you think the Democrats inflame racial tensions or surpress anyone’s speech, Robert?”

      I have posted numerous times on this blog how the dem leadership inflamed racial tensions. Pay attention and read the blog more often and stop wasting my time.

      let’s give you a couple….


      All Michelle Obama did was inflame the racial tensions that began with the Ferguson Missouri event that got Michael Brown killed, when he attacked a police officer, by grabbing for his gun through the police car window. An event that has its own narrative that made MB the victim, even though the FBI and DOJ found the evidence to support how the police officer said it happend. And then to add insult to injury, the city of Ferguson paid off his parents recently. Apparently crime pays.

      Michelle Obama could have used her position as FLOTUSA to show, look at what’s possible. Instead all she did was rehash all the old narratives that keep the professional victims, professional victims.

      Let’s not forget how the hacked emails that showed how the dem party didn’t want to anger the Black activist by calling out all the gang violence coming from the Black neighborhoods, so instead the dem politicians pandered and placated to the Black Lives Matter bullies and then the riots and mayhem that followed all the way up to the 2016 elections and well after. It became fashionable to then demonize the police, the very agency that had to deal with all this accelerated gang violence that got much worse under the presidency of Obama.

      I look at my own experience on this board when I called out the same thing and got called all the nasty names that libs use to shut down the conversation, racist, bigot, et al….

      Back to Russia, I’ve noted numerous times the reason why Russia has become the target of the military industrial complex and the MSM that serves as its lap dog and how it all relates to NATO and the placement of nukes on Russia’s border and the dependence that Europe has on Russian energy and the desire to get more of Saudi’s energy to replace the Russian stronghold on Europe’s energy needs. And I might add that Merkel will often times side with Russia on this issue.

      Im not going to explain this any longer except when I need to make a point and its relevant to my counter arguments to the new war mongering left….

  9. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    Its crumbling. Let it go.

    If youre afraid to open it, google it.


    • Hackers hack into voting machines in Vegas in less than 90 minutes. http://www.politico.com/story/2017/07/30/hackers-voting-machines-las-vegas-241130

      • Robert Hazz Geaunads

        Ive been reading about voting machines being hacked ever since the group Black Box Voting was created. Look up Bev Harris.


        • Bev Harris was actually more about software and programming issues than external hacking. Many voting machines had to be removed from service. And some of their replacements also.

          • Robert Hazz Geaunads

            How do you think hacking works? Its not with a machete or a hatchet. Its by corrupting the software and programming from outside sources (usually through a phone line). Just like how they hack into banks, health records, credit card processing records, etc.

          • Ha Ha Ha ! He said “(usually through a phone line).” Pftt. We have cable in the U.S. You should read the articles you post to act like an expert. Those voting machines had internal problems with software and programming which did not read the votes correctly. It was not from external hacking. But if you would have read the article you would know that.

  10. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    Is free speech soon going to be doomed too?

    This legislation is backed by some heavy hitter liberals. How long before not holding politically correct thoughts becomes a crime?

    This is how the seeds of revolution are sown. By criminalizing free speech. This is disgusting and dangerous.


  11. Steverino

    The Obama’s came into the WH with intellect, class and dignity but were subjected to disparaging and vitriol remarks and opinions not only from the alt-right and Fox noise but representatives of government and the judiciary. Did you ever think for a moment what that says to the black community and many still think the crotch grabber is presidential.

  12. In the name of Nonviolence, avoiding aggression, and Nonsinning, avoiding harm to others – and this Planet’s children – write a Peace Treaty for the Korean War. Both Korean Nations accept each other and give up atomic weapons, China pledges to Watch North Korea, America pledges to Watch South Korea, and neither Korea has Missiles that can Attack China or Japan. Buddha, Tao, Kami(Gods), and Megami(Goddesses) Bless from this humble little Japanese American Shamaness.

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