Is Trump’s dishonesty pathological?

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In case you’re so clueless that you haven’t noticed, I’m here to tell you that Donald Trump’s penchant for peddling blatant falsehoods is so great that it’s spawned a virtual industry devoted to debunking the nonsense he spews almost every time he opens his mouth.

I’m not  exaggerating. There are more than a few websites whose sole function is to keep track of the lies that cross Trump’s lips. On almost any subject you can name, the guy has told untruths, ranging from little fibs to huge whoppers. The number is so great that I can hardly choose my favorites.

For example, he recently said that his proposed ban on transgender people in the U.S. military was the result of consultations with generals and such.  But the Pentagon denies that.

He also recently said that the top guy in the Boy Scouts called him to praise the speech he delivered at a recent  jamboree. The folks at scout headquarters say that’s simply not true.

Last year, he said that millions of votes were cast illegally in the presidential election. But there’s no good evidence of that. He simply seems unable to accept that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. In his addled mind, it had to have been a case of fraud

He also said that he won more electoral votes than anyone since Ronald Reagan. That isn’t even close to true.

These are just a few of the many examples of Trump’s falsehoods.  He seems to make up stuff if it suits his purposes — and he’s been doing it for years.

The situation has reached the point where there’s good cause to call into question the president’s mental balance.

The snarky prescription for treating this problem is to throw a net over Trump and haul him off to a loony bin. But seriously, he probably should be examined for signs of a pathological illness. A person who boldly makes claims that are provably false probably is sick in the head.

And a man who’s sick in the head should not have access to the nation’s nuclear codes. He should be confined to a rubber room.












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  1. Shirlene Lowe

    For sure…for sure! Doesn’t even take a genius to come to that conclusion.

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