Has Trump completely gone around the bend?

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Notice, please, that I’m tempering my rhetoric at least a little in this piece, lest I’m accused of advocating a violent overthrow of Donald Trump’s administration.

I’m not recommending any such thing. I am, however, suggesting that the people in charge of things if and when the president goes completely nutty face up to the problem confronting us. They should give some serious thought to throwing a net over the president, proverbially  speaking.

We now have a new Exhibit A in the case for officially declaring Donald Trump a mental patient.

The president publicly declared yesterday that he would pull the trigger on weapons of “fire and fury” if North Korea persists in implying that it will do harm to America. But implications are not acts of war. They should be countered, but not with nukes. The United States did not fire missiles at the Soviet Union when Nikita Kruschev said “We will bury you.”

Trump also boasted yesterday that the American nuclear stockpile has been greatly improved in the 200 days since he became president. But the experts on the subject who have been quoted in the past 24 hours have almost universally scoffed at the notion that any significant changes could be made that quickly. Trump did, in fact, order a review of the nation’s nuclear capabilities, but that effort is far from completed — and it’s not much different from similar reviews ordered by previous incoming presidents.

The president’s reckless comments regarding North Korea and nukes are only the latest examples of his nutty rhetoric. He’s been spewing crazy stuff on a regular basis since he launched his long-shot candidacy 26 months ago. Some of it has been almost funny, but nobody should be laughing at this threat of nuclear war.

Instead, perhaps we should give serious thought to committing Donald Trump to a booby hatch. We could fix-up something nice for him at one his country clubs and tell him that he’s earned an extended vacation after doing such a good job. We could even stage fake rallies of pseudo-morons to cheer his every utterance.








  1. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    Maybe Patrick could enlighten those of us who shaking our heads at just what to believe, let alone address what the appropriate rhetoric should be.

    I could swear, a few weeks back, when N. Korea launched a missile that was claimed to be able to reach Chicago or points further east, that the narrative was N. Korea was still several years away from creating a nuclear tip that could survive the trip over America.

    Now I’m reading, just two weeks later, that NK has nuclear tips for his long range missiles. This is coming from the USA Intelligence agency(s)… who knows which one. There’s 17 now.

    What are we supposed to believe? Who’s FOS?

  2. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    Decisions, decisions, because every military post publicly their choices. Oooohhh, what to do, what to do.

    What psy-ops looks like… or is that too conspiritorial for the left? Or is it deep state? I can’t keep up. So many terms to use to upset the loons.


    • Steverino

      I remember a cartoon years ago at the height of the cold war where an American citizen comes out from his A-bomb shelter to a barren radiated landscape and yells back to his family “we won”! Way to go Mr. Fire and Fury.

      • Duh, Duh…. NK has done the escalation, all Trump has done is respond in a way that rectum in NK can understand.

        And don’t forget, Clinton and Carter negotiated the deal that gave NK their access to nuclear power back in the early 90s. NK promised it wouldn’t develop nuclear bombs.

        Step next to the late years of the Obama administration. John Kerry negotiated a similar deal, with 200Billion in cash with Iran. Another festering moment in the making.

        Duh… now Trump has to deal with the mess. The longer that rectum in NK is allowed to develop nukes and a way to deliver them, the more threat he becomes.

        As far as Im concerned there’s not many options. Thank you Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Barrack Obama, John Kerry …

        If China won’t control NK, we have no choice. Come this fall, we’ll soon find out.

        If that rectum in NK was someone to negotiate with, why didn’t GWB? Why didn’t Obama?

        We’re in a big mess. And let’s not forget the economy. The stock market is in blow off top mode. That’s the indicator the top is in. Where do you think it goes after that?

        • Clinton and Carter did not give them nuclear technology. They got it from the Russians. In 1994 N. Korea agreed to stop its plutonium reactor in exchange for international aid to build a light water reactor. In 2003 they threw out the agreement and went back to building a plutonium reactor.
          And Kerry did not give Iran 200 hundred billion in cash. Iran had 100 billion in frozen assets in overseas banks. That’s what they got.

  3. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    The difference between the Truman threat to Japan and Trump’s threat to NK is the left wants NK to bomb an American target first….

    NK has made the threats. All Trump has done is respond. Nothing Trump does will be appropriate to the left.

    On a different note, Trump chastised McConnell about his lack of veracity to fix obamacare. Mcconnel and the republicans have had 6 years to fix it or kill it…they’ve done nothing except push thru legislation they knew Obama would veto because repealing obamacare is just a ruse the repubs use to get donations. Trump calls the phony repubs out for their ineffectiveness and he’s the bad guy. I want obamacare to succeed but I fully understand its not economically sustainable, especially as we head into hard economic times ahead.

    Citizens of Illinois of all the states should realize the debt for legacy cost alone is not sustainable. All programs will need to be slashed.

    Its a mess out there. We cant keep printing money. Inflation will sooner than later cause a bar of family size soap to look like a travel bar found in hotels. Thats just a comparison of what printing more money will bring to everything that touches are lives.

    Trump didn’t cause this mess but he will have to deal with it and it won’t be pretty as states are unable to meet their budgets.

    Who has the answers to all these messes left by the last 5 presidents and a congress mainly concerned with getting re-elected. Theyre all out for themselves and all we are left with is a fake sense that they care. So come on all you keyboard warriors, give us your best plan of action or will it be easier to attack the messenger?

  4. Steverino

    Trump knew little of TPP only that it had something Obama on it and scrapped it. It could have given us more leverage with China and them with North Korea. Also just think for a moment if Trump was in office during the Cuban missile crisis. We wouldn’t be around to talk about it. And finally remember when the crazy news warned us that Hillary would start a nuclear war.

  5. When did it become OK to use a nuclear weapon as a first strike option? Nuclear weapons are a deterrent weapon. We have kept the nuclear genie in the bottle for 72 years. Don’t we have enough other weapons to use first? If we use nuclear weapons the genie is unleashed and other countries will then believe they may use them at any time.
    If we attack N.K. I believe they will use that as a reason to attack South Korea and take over the whole peninsula. Like Viet Nam. Just remember this, the U.S. hasn’t won a war in 72 years. Just imagine that massive N. Korean army charging into S. Korea. We created an unstable middle east. Do we want to create the same scenario in Asia? I think Kimmy has a plan similar to Viet Nam.

  6. Steverino

    You’re correct Tex when the Soviet Union broke up many skilled Russians went to NK to share their knowledge of “Big Ivan”. We also made some diplomatic gains near the end of the 90’s with NK only to have another election and Bush’s axis of evil speech (probably written by Cheney) which immediately cut any opportunity for reasonable dialogue.

  7. Steverino

    I should also mention that the New York Philharmonic orchestra paid a cultural visit through independent organizations to North Korea in early 2008 surprisingly during Bush’s last year in office. It was unprecedented since the concert was televised live in NK and many of the foreign journalists covering the event were allowed calls and internet. There’s always a small opening that can lead to good works.

  8. After all these years we discover that it is really Reagan’s fault.

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