Now’s the time for a global apology tour



Five and six years ago, Republican efforts to deny Democrat Barack Obama a second term as president focused for a while on the popular but patently bogus right-wing claim that Obama had gone “around the world and apologized for America.”

The website PolitiFact gave the preposterous contention its dreaded PANTS-ON-FIRE rating when Mitt Romney, the GOP’s presidential nominee, peddled the apology nonsense:

On the substance of Romney’s charge, we believe that what we wrote in March 2010 still stands. While Obama’s speeches contained some criticisms of past U.S. actions, those passages were typically leavened by praise for the United States and its ideals, and he frequently mentioned how other countries have erred as well. We found not a single, full-throated apology in the bunch. And on the new angle Romney has added — that the trips were intended to offer the president a forum to apologize to other countries — we think it’s a ridiculous charge. There’s a clear difference between changing policies and apologizing, and Obama didn’t do the latter. So we rate Romney’s statement Pants on Fire

The situation is much different these days. America now finds itself saddled with a true-to-life nutcase in the White House, and the world is owed a genuine apology for it. But who would be best to handle the job?

Romney is  a certifiable has-been (or never-was) and would be ill-suited to speak for America to the rest of humankind. And Obama is a retired two-term president. It would be poor form for him to tell the peoples of the world that his successor is a bust.

We need a special Speakers Bureau, a collection of famous and admirable Americans designated to travel the world and explain how Donald Trump became president despite having finished second in the popular vote and having charmed the least-educated among our voters with piles of oratorical nonsense.

Trump’s supporters would howl to the high heavens about our efforts and would field a raft of celebrities from within its own ranks to praise their guy. But our bench is much bigger and more talented and would have the bitter truth about The Donald on their side.

This strategy would serve not only as a cudgel with which to disparage Trump’s image but also as a reminder of how the Republicans foolishly thought they could cast Barack Obama as an unpatriotic apologist for America.