How low can Trump’s poll numbers go?

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At this writing, it’s still too early to assess the political damage incurred by Donald Trump’s presidency in the wake of the goings-on the other day in Charlottesville, VA. But a good guess, it seems to me, is that The Donald has not benefited from the situation.

Major polling organizations will soon announce the results of surveys conducted entirely on Sunday or Monday. That timing will measure how public sentiment has been affected by intense media coverage of the troubles in Charlottesville and the president’s response to them.

Earlier today, the Gallup poll put Trump’s approval rating at 34 percent. That’s a record low for a president who’s been in office for less than seven months. It also raises the question of how far Trump’s numbers might fall.

The reality is that there seems to be a floor — a minimum below which even a terrible president cannot slip.

On several occasions over the years, I’ve mentioned that Richard Nixon’s approval rating stood at 24 percent on the very day that he resigned the presidency in disgrace. Twenty-four percent! One in four Americans loyally stood behind even a blatant crook! And today, one-third of Americans currently support the blatantly incompetent Donald Trump!

The situation brings to mind a certain memorable comment made by Trump during his campaign last year. He said he could shoot a person in the middle of Fifth Avenue in New York and not lose any support among his most enthusiastic followers.

But the likelihood remains that Trump is getting closer to the floor, the minimum, the dead end. He may not fall as low as Nixon’s 24 percent, but neither is it likely that he’ll someday get his head above water.

Let’s not forget that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is preparing a big party for Trump and his friends, and I doubt that it will redound to the president’s benefit.






  1. Why is no one asking why Trump is going to Trump Tower for 3 days? He hasn’t been there since January. It’s obvious to me why he’s going there. I think he has some paperwork he needs to destroy. He saw what happened to Manafort and he figures he better do something before certain papers are found. Maybe he will get a 3 AM knock on his door while he’s there. If that happens that could be the beginning of the end.

    • Robert Hazz Geaunads

      Hes on vacation isn’t he? Isnt that his home or now considerd a vacation home? Doesn’t seem unusual to me.

      On a different note, but being my usual call a spade a spade self…

      I’ll tell you what I think is unusual, since the current outrage among the snowflakes and their Antifas Brownshirt thugs, is confederate statues and symbols, I wonder when people will question the symbol of Christianity, the crucifix. I see that symbol above the front doors of churches and I think that’s an instrument of death. How creepy. When are the snowflakes going to go after that symbol of oppression?

      Throughout history, how many people were crucified for not being politically correct for the causes of those times?

      Come on snowflakes, do you have the courage to take on that cause?


      • Oh, look! Robert says he’s a Jesus hater. Looks like he also hates Christianity.

        • Huh. Here I thought he was just an idiot.

        • Oh look, tex thinks crosses and crucifixion’s are kool things and just as equal to nooses and electric chairs. Everyone should have one of their favorite death instruments hanging above their entrances. What a way to welcome guest. You creep.

  2. Steverino

    WW2 veterans who fought Nazi oppression and those who marched in Selma for civil rights opposed this demonstration of hate. Are they snowflakes?

  3. Robert Hazz Geaunads

    I ask again, how has Trump harmed the snowflakes?

    We have a professional outrage industry in play by the msm? It makes them money as they destroy our nation and all for a great quarterly financial report. Do you like being herded like cattle?

    • Robert. I have questions, too.
      Why do we have a president who is crazy?
      Why is Steve Bannon in the White House?
      Why do taxpayers have to pay for 50 dump trucks which rent for $100 an hour to surround Trump Tower for 3 days?
      Why does Karl Rove have an army of bots spreading propaganda on the internet?
      Why do you ridicule snowflakes, when you are one yourself?

  4. Steverino

    Nazis are like cats, if they like you, it’s because you are feeding them. -John Oliver

  5. At least Chris Matthews has the courage to call out the Antifa’s for their violence. They are not the angels with mask and clubs, the media is trying to present them, and in particular this SPLC representative is trying to make them be.

    Antifa’s are violent. Chris called them out and the now far left SPLC rep did everything she could to protect the Antifa’s. She’s wrong but shows just how far left those who support them have gone. I don’t see anybody supporting the KKK, Neo-Nazi’s or KKK except for members of that organization, but the new far left media, which is trying to take down Trump at any expense has shown they are the ones supporting violence through the Antifa’s.


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